ASMK Enduro this Sunday at Mgarr

On Sunday 8 February the 'Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti Enduro 2014-15 Championship.

Lucas Pace followed by Godfrey Gauci
Lucas Pace followed by Godfrey Gauci

This race will be the third one in the Enduro program and will be held at the Quarry at Torri Falka in Mgarr. Thanks to the Hardrock company Ltd for accepting these ASMK activities ASMK in their property. This Program begins at 10:00 am and is being supported by Dunlop and KTM Malta.

Meanwhile on Saturday 31st January 2015 ASMK held the Autocross Class A and B Race Finals. In Class A Christian Mark Galea was seen taking the lead on his Fiat Ritmo while he was followed by Philip Grima on Ford Escort and Lucas Pace on Honda Civic. Till the end of the race there were no changes in the positions. Galea registered his third win this season followed by Grima and Pace who finished second and third respectively. Fourth and fifth place was won by Andrew Pisani on his Vauxhall Nova and Vince Farrugia on his Volkswagen Polo. Pisani and Farrugia progressed a position because Godfrey Gauci on Ford Fiesta who was occupying fourth position was forced to retire because of a damaged front wheel.

In Class B Final race Philip Joe Vella was seen taking the helm of the race followed by Martin Godwin on an Opel Corsa battling with Jean Paul Grech on his Peugeot 106. Both Martin and Grech drew the attention of many spectators present while battling during this race final. They were always very close to each other but Grech’s attacks were unsuccessful as Martin defended his post so well until the end of the race. This race final ended with Vella confortably winning this race ahead of Martin and Grech in second and third places while the fourth and fifth place was won by Malcolm Borg on his Opel Corsa and Pedro Attard on his Fiat X19.
Meanwhile the ASMK Officers on Thursday 29th January 2015 had a courtesy visit to Her Ecc. the President of Malta. Such a visit has now entered in the events calendar of each year where the Association presents the funds collected during the special activity which was held on 21st December 2014 for the ‘Malta Community Chest Fund’. Along this visit the ASMK Officers also discussed the importance of this year 2015 when ASMK will be celebrating the thirtieth anniversary from when the Association was founded. Also, later on this year ASMK will be hosting the largest event since when ASMK will be hosting the FIM-Europe General Conference in Malta. FIM President Vittorio Ippolito and other Officers will also be present in Malta. Also we will be working together with the President of Malta on a particular activity.
For more information one can visit the ASMK Official website ot the social site on Facebook A.S.M.K. Malta

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