Bonello and Scicluna win ASMK Trials

Autocross and Motocross events this Sunday

Bernard Sammut
Bernard Sammut

On Sunday 22nd February 2014 'Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi' will continue with the ASMK - Pasta Poiatti 2014/15.Championship races. This time the event will take place at the ASMK Sport Complex at Ta' Qali where the eight (8) program for Autocross and the third for Motocross will be held. Racing starts at 11:00 am till about 5.00pm.

Look at the National Autocross Championship top ranking we find Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Corsa with 145 points. This is a marginal advantage on Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo with 136 points. Third-ranking post is currently occupied by Vince Farrugia on a Volkswagen Polo with 112 points while fourth place is occupied by Andrew Pisani on his Vauxhall Nova with 93 points.

The Motocross riders National Classification after two races activities is as follows. In Class A we find that Clayton Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle is leading the classification with 102 points. He is followed by Paul Muscat on another KTM but with 96 points. Third place is occupied by Edward Ciantar currently on his Kawasaki and with 79 points.

In Class B we find Ludvik Muscat on KTM is leading this class. He occupies the first place with 105 points and is followed by Adam Sultana from Gozo on his Kawasaki with 83 points. Third place is occupied by Elvin Debono with 75 points on a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Meanwhile on Sunday 15th February the Association held the third Trials Championship event. This competition was held within the ASMK premises at the Ta Qali Motorsport Complex. The program began at 9: 00am where in Class A we saw Damon Bonello on his Gas Gas dominates this class. Despite the condition of the course was a difficult one due to the heavy rain earlier in the night, Bonello finished with only twelve penalty points which was the least number of penalty points among all the competitors on the day. Bonello left drew the attention of all present where he displayed excellent technical moves over the slippery wet route and win over all the obstacles. Bonello was followed in 2nd place by Gary Debono on his Sherco motorcycle. Debono closed the day with 45 penalty points. Rowen Bonello placed third on a Beta motorcycle with 63 points.

In Class B the competition was high between the three main riders Joseph Scicluna and Manuel Camilleri both on a Gas Gas and Bernard Sammut on a Beta motorcycle. In the beginning we saw Sammut leading his class but after the third section Scicluna not only recovered his place and took the lead in his class and he defended his lead to the end of the competition. Scicluna finish in his class with 43 penalty points. Sammut followed with 55 penalty points. Third place finisher is Camilleri who closed the day with 64 penalty points.

The next 4th Trials events are to continue on Sunday 15 March 2015 where four new riders are expected to start their Trials competitions following their training sessions by ASMK Officers at Ta Qali. They start their Trials competitions in Class B.

Further information can be found in the ASMK Official website of the Association and on Facebook named ASMK Malta.

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