Jamie Sammut's Solaris 42 Unica claims victory at Solaris Cup 2023

Jamie Sammut's Maltese crew aboard the Solaris 42 Unica emerge as the winners of the Solaris Cup 2023 after a thrilling final day of regattas in Costa Smeralda

Jamie Sammut's maltese Solaris 42 Unica wins the Solaris Cup 2023
Jamie Sammut's maltese Solaris 42 Unica wins the Solaris Cup 2023

The Maltese crew of Jamie Sammut's Solaris 42 Unica emerged winners at the highly anticipated Solaris Cup 2023. 

This achievement cemented their place at the pinnacle of the regatta, solidifying their results from the previous day and earning them a well-deserved spot on the podium.

The final day of the regattas witnessed a thrilling race on a unique "butterfly" course, spanning approximately 15 miles.

The fleet weaved through the archipelago of islets, treating spectators to awe-inspiring close passes near pink granite rocks in the turquoise waters of the Costa Smeralda. 

With winds clocking in at around 10 knots from the N-NW, the race started at 12:40, presenting a natural challenge as the boats manoeuvred through the narrow passage between Le Camere and Mortorio.

Jamie Sammut and his crew exhibited exceptional skill, making a strong start from this critical juncture and showcasing their determination throughout the race.

While Sammut's crew claimed the coveted top spot, they were not the only ones to leave an indelible mark on this edition of the Solaris Cup. 

Paolo Buonvicini's Solaris 62 Doug, defying its age, demonstrated remarkable speed and agility, earning them second place. 

Maurizio Corati's Solaris 55 Angela secured the third position.

During the prize-giving ceremony, a prize and recognition from the shipyard were given to all owners and crews who once again showed their affection for the shipyard, coming from all over the world to take part in this event that brings together the Solaris family in Porto Rotondo for the ninth year in a row.