Ultimate guide to the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024: Schedule, storylines, and predictions

The F1 Bahrain Grand Prix kicks off the 2024 season with anticipation high and Max Verstappen leading the pack

Excitement revs up as Formula One gears up for the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking the start of a thrilling season ahead
Excitement revs up as Formula One gears up for the Bahrain Grand Prix, marking the start of a thrilling season ahead

With a record 24 races, the longest season in Formula One history powers up for a Saturday start in Bahrain, and competitors expecting to close the gap and defeat Max Verstappen's dominant Red Bull team may face a long haul.

The highly anticipated F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is the Kingdom's first Saturday night event, bringing an additional level of excitement to the weekend's festivities at Sakhir, and below, you’ll find our ultimate guide to kickstart the F1 season’s debut race with everything you need to know! 

F1 Bahrain 2024 Schedule

F1 Bahrain 2024 Schedule
F1 Bahrain 2024 Schedule

Bahrain F1 History

  • In 2024, Bahrain will host the season-opening Grand Prix of Formula 1 again.
  • The Bahrain Grand Prix has been the season's opening event for the sixth time.
  • The race was held as the season-opener in 2006 and then again in 2010 on the longer Endurance configuration of the course.
  • This year commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Bahrain has hosted the first race of the Formula 1 season for the last three years. However, the date of Ramadan in 2024 may affect the scheduling of future races in Bahrain.

The Bahrain GP in 2024 will be held on a Saturday to accommodate Ramadan, which starts on March 10. This would enable F1 to have two races in the area before the religious observance begins. The 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix racing weekend will be from Thursday to Saturday.

In 2022, Bahrain International Circuit extended its deal to host the Bahrain Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar until at least 2036, making it the second-longest contract for any existing circuit. The 2024 event will be the 20th edition of the race since it became part of the Formula 1 calendar in 2004, making it the first Grand Prix event in the Middle East.

The First F1 Bahrain Night Race Since 2014

Bahrain’s population is around 1.5 million, growing by 700,000 since the sport first came in 2004. It is considered among the most open Muslim nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the nation provides exotic temperatures with luxurious surroundings.

Since 2014, the race has been conducted at night, resulting in more comfortable trackside temperatures for both drivers and spectators. In March, daytime temperatures remain about 25°C, and all grandstands at the circuit are covered, providing shade from the heat during the afternoon track events, but temperatures might decrease to 18°C during the race held at night.

Bahrain F1 2024 at the Sportsbook


It comes as no surprise when examining the GP Bahrain futures at the latest UK betting sites, which driver is presently regarded as the wagering favourite in Bahrain. It is anticipated that one driver will maintain the top spot in the Formula 1 standings for the duration of the season, and that driver is Max Verstappen.

Although the F1 odds for this event are subject to change before race day, at 1/3, Verstappen is the current favourite among bettors and following his 2023 dominance, who’re we to argue. Throughout the entire Formula One season, Verstappen will be a popular choice among those making predictions, and he will likely be favoured in most events.

This remains an extremely unpredictable sport, but Verstappen has a consistent track record of winning most of his competitions. That does, however, place a tremendous target on his back, and wagering on Verstappen at 1/3 odds is not particularly advantageous.

Bahrain GP Outright Winner Odds:

  • Max Verstappen [1/3]
  • Charles Leclerc [10/1]
  • Sergio Perez [14/1]
  • Lewis Hamilton [20/1]

While the expectation of Verstappen to win the F1 season’s opening race this weekend is difficult to argue and bet against, a value play at the Bahrain GP can be found in the top-six finishing market.

Last season saw Lance Stroll finish .4 seconds outside of a top-five finish, and his odds to replicate last season’s success and finish in the top six are currently at a respectable price of  5/1.

F1 Bahrain Prediction: Lance Stroll to Finish in Top-Six @ 5/1 

Bahrain 2024 Storylines
Can Anyone Beat Redbull?

There is a strong feeling of déjà vu while evaluating Red Bull following last week's three-day test. All teams in the paddock agree that the reigning champions are still the team to defeat. However, there is some disagreement on the extent of the margin.

Some people think the margin is important, while others are not as sure that it has increased compared to 12 months ago when there was confidence that Red Bull was leading. Fuel loads may significantly affect performance, and it's not just Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez who may have enough reserves for the upcoming Bahrain GP.

That a mix of high fuel for one and low fuel for another may dramatically alter how things seem on the timing displays is supported by the fact that anybody, even Red Bull, might have been running greater fuel loads that make parts of their pace invisible.

We will get our first definitive responses to such questions this coming weekend.

The Chase Commences

One motif that became apparent throughout testing was the team's collective effort to narrow the distance to Red Bull, showing a sense of progress. Regardless of whether Red Bull has advanced, there were positive indicators for many when assessing their personal circumstances.

Charles Leclerc described last year's test as the most challenging of his career. However, he said that this year's test was much better due to Ferrari's enhanced drivability and consistency with the SF-24, enabling them to progress from a stronger starting point.

At Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell expressed more satisfaction with the W15 and its driving experience compared to the problematic W14 from the previous season. Both teams did not show any significant faults during testing, allowing them to concentrate on enhancing vehicle performance and development without having to solve problems.

Whatever happens this weekend, fans will rejoice as the F1 season returns, and there’s nothing better than the night race in Bahrain to kick things off.

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