2014 Olympia Weekend: Iris Kyle wins 10th title, announces retirement

Ashley Kaltwasser won her second Bikini Olympia title as Oskana Grishina was successfull in winning the Fitness/Figure Class

Ashley Kaltwasser
Ashley Kaltwasser

Finally, the first results started to make there way to the millions of bodybuilding fans all over the world. Many are there to watch the event live, but the majority were happy to watch the event on the free webcast.

Iris Kyle won her 10th Ms. Olympia title and announced her retirement. She will be leaving the sport as one of the best ever female bodybuilder to grace the stage.

In the Bikini class, Ashley Kaltwasser successfully defended her title to win it for the second time. Her condition was hard to match and from the first minute that she stepped on the stage, it was obvious she would give the other competitors a hard time.

In the Fitness/Figure class Oskana Grishina managed to take the title. After placing second in last years edition, she made sure she worked hard to beat her competition.

You can watch all the replays and view the photo galleries of the events on www.evolutionofbodybuilding.net

Competition Results:
2014 Ms. Olympia
1. Iris Kyle 
2. Alina Popa 
3. Debi Laszewski 
4. Alana Shipp
5. Yaxeni Oriquen
6. Anne Freitas 
Rita Bello 
Sheila Bleck 
Brigita Brezovac
Christine Envall 
Lisa Giesbrecht
Margie Martin 
Simone Oliveira
Jennifer Sedia 

IFBB Bikini Olympia Results:
1. Ashley Kaltwasser 
2. Janet Layug 
3. Stacey Alexander 
4. Yeshaira Robles
5. Amanda Latona 
6. India Paulino 
Noy Alexander 
Jessica Arevalo 
Narmin Assria
Taylor Bentson 
Kelsie Clark
Candice Conroy
Lacey DeLuca 
Tawna Eubanks 
Christina Fjaere
Sandi Forsythe 
Vladmira Krasova 
Sarah LeBlanc
Jenee Leger 
Stephanie Mahoe 
Dayna Maleton 
Angela Marquez
Christie Marquez 
Crystal Matthews
Noemi Olah 
Brittany Taylor 
Nikola Weiterova 

IFBB Fitness Olympia 2014 results
1. Oksana Grishina 
2. Regiane Da Silva 
3. Tanji Johnson 
4. Bethany Cisternino 
5. Myriam Capes 
6. Fiona Harris 
Marta Aguiar 
Amanda Hatfield 
Whitney Jones 
Somkina Liudmila 
Danielle Ruban
Trish Warren