Rugby League: Overseas out run Wolves, Falcons defeat Stompers

Rugby league games: Overseas 63 vs Wolves 13 • Falcons 27 vs Stompers 20

Overseas defeats Wolves
Overseas defeats Wolves

Overseas out ran Wolves

The first Cisk League game of the year was played in perfect conditions. 

Wolves started this game with intent taking the game to Overseas who took time to settle. A penalty awarded on the 22 put the first points on the board for Wolves on 5 minutes Wolves with Virain Hariramani(10) kicking the points 3 Overseas 0. 

But Overseas then began to squeeze Wolves in the forwards and a rolling maul took Overseas close, the ball came out from (sergio Trujillo( No8) to Cameron Brown(12) who scored in the tackle. Banks(10) converted and Overseas had their nose in front at 7 to 3. 

But Wolves hunted in a pack and attacked Overseas deep into the 22 winning a penalty, up stepped Virain Hariramani(10) to close the gap at 7 to 6. 

But Overseas scored quickly with the ball going through the hands, a great try out wide, to James Donovan(14) with some fine running Rugby. 

The Overseas forwards were beginning to dominate up front providing some front foot ball and a run from within their own half, with a pop pass from Cameron Brown(12) to Mark Camilleri(13) put him into space he straightened, then passed inside to Jordaan Herman(15) to run the last 22 metres to score. Referee Sam Ramage was letting the game flow wearing a black arm band as his Grandmother had just passed away. 

Camilleri backed his run with another class act, making a scything tackle as Wolves broke downfield. But it was Herman(15) making all the plays, running off his backline as they were moving the ball wide at every attempt, 

His forwards were powering their way over the gainline, not allowing Wolves any go forward. 

Herman scored on 3 minutes of the second half then again on 36 minutes making a total of 4 tries on the day. Wolves scored again Stephan Fotso(No8) running from halfway, giving them some hope. At 36 to 11. 

But two tries to Andrew Howie(11) took the game away from Wolves. The University team kept fighting but were out classed, the final score was 63 to 13. 

Men of the Match: 
Overseas: Jordaan Herman
Wolves: Varain Hariramani 
Match Commissioner: Robert Portelli

Falcons defeat Stompers

In this Round 6 Cisk Lager League game Falcons came steaming out of the blocks scoring tries on 6, 9 and 13 minutes to Simon Leymarie(10) and two tries to Aaron Borg(13)with two conversions by Leymarie. Borg split the defence with some neat footwork Leymarie sneaking around a ruck to dive over. On 13 minutes it was Falcons 19, Stompers 0. 

Liam Scicluna(4) was yellow carded which turned the tide in Stompers favour with Mariano Cutajar(11) scoring out wide with some slick passing in his direction. A very poor clearing kick put the Overseas players offside, then from a quick tap penalty Martin Barbara(4) crashed over bringing the half time score to Falcons 19 Stompers 10. 

Stompers scored within 5 minutes of the second half, after a series of penalties, Richard Gum(10) scoring out wide from a quick tap penalty. Falcons 19 Stompers 15. 

Leymarie kicked a penalty to stretch the lead to Falcons 22 Stompers 15. 

Gary O’Sullivan(11) ran a good line down the touchline with an in out swerve to score in the corner to take the score into the safe zone at 27 to 20. 

It was a feisty affair as the pressure built on both teams and Referee Mauro Micelli was sandwiched between the teams trying to keep the peace, but at times it was too much, eventually flashing a Red Card to a Stomper’s player for throwing a punch. 

To increase the tension Mathew Camilleri(12) barged his way over to bring the scores closer at 27 to 20. But Falcon’s defence held Stompers out in the last 5 minutes to win a very emotional game of Rugby. 

Men of the Match: 
Falcons: Simon Leymarie 
Stompers: Richard Gum 

Match report by Bryan Corlettt.