Women’s 5 A Side League

Saturday kicked off with the Women’s 5 aside matches. Pitching against each other the three clubs of Falcons, Kavallieri and Overseas.

Photo: Joseph Grech
Photo: Joseph Grech

Kirby Attard

The first game saw Kavallieri falling under Overseas’ spell as Kavallieri conceded 6 tries to them. The game started very slowly with some clumsy play and disjointed actions, however, Overseas got it back together in the second half with a barrage of tries to finish winners. Overseas 6 – 0 Kavallieri

 After a breather, Kavallieri played Falcons, whose fast play got them the first try of the match. Kavallieri didn’t lose hope with their equaliser coming soon after. However Falcons edged the score by finding Kavallieri’s try-line twice. Second half started where it left off, with Falcons scoring twice with Kavallieri responding with two  further tries. There was good rugby played by both teams but Falcons ended the game on their own terms with the final try. Kavallieri 4 – 7 Falcons

Final game of the day saw Falcons taking on Overseas, with the latter getting the upper hand and winning the game. The game was pleasant, with successive plays presented by both teams. Falcons 3 – 6 Overseas.