Adrian Delia vs 'the Lesbians'
Raphael Vassallo
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Delia calls for 'face to face' scrutiny of public appointees
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Nationalist Party leader sworn in as member of parliament
PN approves Delia’s co-option by show of hands, after secret vote is forgone
Peter Micallef resigns parliamentary seat minutes after being sworn in
Some debts are more equal than others
Raphael Vassallo
An uncanny parallel
Michael Falzon
Prime Minister to present motion for Delia’s co-option on Wednesday, if all goes to plan
Act 1, Scene 2 at Pietà
Saviour Balzan
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Mutiny in the Opposition
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Will the new broom succeed?
Michael Falzon
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Jean Pierre Debono’s U-turn on resignation shows Delia ran out of all options
Casual election for Jean Pierre Debono’s seat to be held next week
Adrian Delia considers taking wage as PN debts balloon to €25 million
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An inauspicious start
Karol Aquilina considers calling urgent meeting of PN administrative council
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Hermann Schiavone willing to sacrifice seat to get Adrian Delia into parliament
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Delia’s baptism of fire
11 takeaways from Adrian Delia’s first PN meeting as leader
Matthew Vella / James Bianchi
‘Coalition sceptic’ Delia to meet Marlene Farrugia, after holiday
Delia’s co-option rebuffs: Bartolo offered paid role, Aquilina denies rumour of compensation
Delia criticises government on its threat to ‘break industrial law’ on Air Malta
Another door closes on PN leader Adrian Delia’s bid to take up a seat in the House
‘We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got’