Brexit: EU negotiator says City of London will have 'no place' in trade deal
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Malta to ‘wait and see’ before deciding on PESCO defence pact, Muscat says
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Angela Merkel: hints at fresh elections over ruling minority government
UK could increase offer to Brussels on Brexit bill
Russia: hundreds of fake Twitter accounts used to tweet about Brexit
EU: Britain has two weeks to clarify Brexit bill
Brexit - avoiding the cliff edge scenario
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UK likely to end up with Canadian-style deal, warns Michel Barnier
Brexit: EU leaders aim to let May down gently over trade talks
Brexit plan 'in paralysis', with ministers set to delay EU withdrawal bill
Miracles are needed for progress on Brexit talks, says Juncker
French president Macron wants reforms for post-Brexit EU
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Theresa May calls for trade transition period after Brexit
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EU will ‘move on’ from Brexit, says Juncker in state of union speech
Joseph Zammit Tabone to head Malta Brexit taskforce
Juncker says 'Brexit position papers are not 'satisfactory'
Scottish, Welsh government heads aim to stop 'blatant power grab' after Brexit
Britain will not exclude possible EU oversight of UK borders after Brexit
UK looks to keep visa-free travel for EU citizens after Brexit
Britain seeks Brexit without borders for Northern Ireland
UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU, new trade deals post-Brexit
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Mixed messages on Brexit
Spain will not 'jeopardise' Brexit deal to recover Gibraltar
Brexit Booty: Cities bidding for EU’s meds agency show off architectural ‘finery’
Downing Street denies UK willing to pay €40 billion Brexit divorce bill
Brexit: Free movement with EU will end in March 2019
Brexit taskforce to be announced ‘in coming weeks’, Prime Minister says
‘I’m starting to believe Brexit might not happen,’ Muscat tells Dutch newspaper
EU threatens to end Brexit talks, argue 'UK is not ready'
Brexit negotiators clash on €75 billion divorce bill
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