Joseph Zammit Tabone to head Malta Brexit taskforce

The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Investment Promotion will head a taskforce responsible for attracting UK businesses to Malta after the UK leaves the EU

Joseph Zammit Tabona is the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Investment Promotion
Joseph Zammit Tabona is the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Investment Promotion

Joseph Zammit Tabona, Malta’s former High Commissioner to the UK, has been appointed by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to chair the newly set up Malta-UK Business Promotion Taskforce which will be responsible for business promotion of Malta within the UK.

This task force is being set up to implement a plan of action between now and end 2019 to promote business, including industrial, economical and financial activities to Malta in collaboration with the UK.

Malta will position itself as a business destination for UK-based companies which want to set-up a base in a European Union Member State following Brexit.

Zammit Tabona served as Malta's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland from 2009 till 2013 and has been the Prime Minister's  Special Envoy  for Investment Promotion since 1st August 2013.

He was recently decorated as a Member of the Order of Merit in 2016 and was also appointed as a board member of the Guardian for Future Generations by the Minister for the Enviornment.

He previously served as chairman of Malta Enterprise, Malta Stock Exchange and FinanceMalta, and is currently chairman of Valletta Cruise Port plc, which operates the Cruise Liner Terminal in Valletta. 

Zammit Tabona is a director of Klesch Group Limited and Medserv plc and Chairman of Tigne Mall plc.  He also served as President of the Malta Federation of Industry in 1990/91 and 2000/2003.

The other members of the Malta-UK Business Promotion Taskforce are:

David Curmi – Chairman, Trade Malta; CEO,  Mapfre MSV Life Plc

Joe Cuschieri – Chairman,  Malta Gaming Authority

Kenneth Farrugia – Chairman, FinanceMalta

Kurt Farrugia – Head Government Communication

Mario Galea – CEO,  Malta Enterprise

Mario Grima – Former Director BOV and Middlesea Valletta

Stefano Mallia – Partner, Grant Thornton

Maria Micallef – Managing Director, RSM Malta

Michaela Muscat – Maritime Attache, Malta High Commission UK

Nadia Pace – Investment Promotion Consultant Malta Enterprise; Former CEO World Aviation Group

Kevin Valenzia -Territory Senior Partner, PWC Malta

David Walsh - CEO, KPMG Crimsonwing

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