Just bomb it anyway…
Raphael Vassallo
Somali foreign minister thanks Malta for saving lives 'without any fanfare'
‘Europe finally discussing solutions’, Muscat says on EU migration plan
Brussels drawing up resettlement, border control and legal migration targets
Libya opposes EU proposal for military action against human traffickers
Human traffickers use social media to advertise trips to Italy
EU plan to resettle 20,000 migrants from south
Tripoli pledges migrant deportation, armed border patrols to quell EU strike
Ivorian child smuggled to Spain in suitcase
Treatment of migrants is ‘true indicator’ of society’s appraisal of human rights
Russia kills EU plan to destroy smugglers’ boats
Dozens reported dead as migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean
HMS Bulwark to join Mediterranean rescue efforts after diplomatic dispute
AFM on stand by as Italy rescues 5,800 migrants off Libyan coast
Close to 1,400 migrants saved by Italy, France in sea off Libya
MEP says EU-African Union Summit will be the 'first step' to addressing immigration
Malta calls on Germany 'to take the lead' over migration
'Immigration has become a security crisis' - Sant
Sant wants blockade outside Libya to stop traffickers
MEPs call for prevention of further loss of life in the Mediterranean
Migration affecting shipping operations, experts say
Europe still chooses security over human life
Migration requires a long-term vision
And the band played on…
Raphael Vassallo
Past and future tense
Saviour Balzan
Muscat: ‘As long as there are wars, refugees will continue to flee’
Tunisian smuggler was forced to captain migrant boat at gunpoint, brother says
Tunisian smuggler was forced to captain migrant boat at gunpoint, brother says
Human rights NGOs in damning criticism of EU migration resolutions
‘EU summit has sent strong warning message to Libya’ – Muscat
'EU giving mixed messages on boat migration' - Human Rights Watch
Updated | Parliament to convene in urgent sitting on migration
EU ‘at war with people smugglers’ says Commissioner Avramopoulos
Dignitaries attend funeral of the unknown migrants who died trying to reach Europe
‘No more lip service’, says MEP warning of migration’s security risk
Human trafficking is the symptom, not the cause
Face it, folks. The EU doesn’t give a toss
[WATCH] Hundreds participate in candle-lit vigil dedicated to shipwreck victims
If we fail to save lives, all hope will be lost - Aditus Foundation
Muscat finally makes the positive turn on migration