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Compassion is no insurance policy
Jurgen Balzan
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Hungary enacts new migration laws
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Malta’s asylum claims fall to pre-EU levels as Italy takes all refugees rescued at sea
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First group of refugees makes it to Munich
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Three-year-old Aylan, brother Galip laid to rest
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Chaotic scenes in Budapest as refugees are forced off a train at a refugee camp
Somali man jailed after escaping Malta in 2013
Court & Police
Matthew Agius
Hungarian PM to meet with EU leaders as thousands remain stranded
Hundreds continue protests in Budapest as authorities block train stations
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Migration crisis ‘most important issue for Europe today’, Tusk says
It is all about people
Saviour Balzan
Italy arrests 10 suspected people smugglers
Hungarian police arrest four in connection with Austria lorry deaths
Hundreds dead after two boats capsize off Libya
At least 20 corpses found in truck on Austrian border
This is a human tragedy, not a ‘migration crisis’