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Postgrad course in Film Studies aims to create jobs in sector
Film 24-06

A new Master's course at the University of Malta will aim to create more jobs within the local film servic...
Film director Besson chooses Malta for underwater action thriller
Film 24-06

J.K. Simmons to join supporting cast of the film which follows a group of Navy SEALs attempting to solve an ag...
Composer James Horner dies in plane crash
Film 23-06

Horner is well known for his work on movies such as Titanic, Braveheart and Avatar
Film Review | Jurassic World
Film 22-06

If Jurassic World wanted to be its own beast, it shouldn't have mirrored Spielberg's classic so closel...
Film Review | Ixcanul Volcano
Film 15-06

Guatemala's entry at the Valletta Film Festival is red in tooth and claw, but it also boasts compassion an...
Lord of the Rings and Dracula star Christopher Lee dies at 93
Film 11-06

The veteran British actor was an enduring silver screen presence, embodying iconic roles such as Count Dracula...
I think we need to split up | Cannes Festival report
Film 11-06

Following a trip to this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival, a local film producer Martin Bonnic...
Film Review | Tomorrowland
Film 09-06

Disney's nostalgic foray into utopian science-fiction is a brisk, adventurous breath of fresh air in a box...
Film industry expected to inject €80 million into economy in 2015
Film 08-06

Tourism Minister says difficult decisions will have to be taken at national airline AIr Malta 'in the inte...
Can small countries afford to make films?
Film 08-06

A seminar on the discussion of European cinema organised by MEP Marlene Mizzi in Brussels betrayed a sizeable ...
Kicking a catalyst for improvement into gear | Malcolm Galea
Film 02-06

Prolific comedian, actor and playwright Malcolm Galea is set to break into screenwriting with 20,000 Reasons &...
Film Review | Turist
Film 01-06

Swedish family psychodrama attempts to slip in some social comedy into the proceedings, with mixed results.
Film Review | Mad Max: Fury Road
Film 28-05

Its evangelists and converts have probably driven you sick with their songs of praise already, but trust us wh...
Film Review | It Follows
Film 19-05

Director David Robert Mitchell's sophomore feature may sound ridiculous on paper, but this story of a sexu...
Maltese team to promote short film, local film industry at Cannes Short Film Corner
Film 13-05

‘Sħab’ is a Maltese/Swiss production by Shadeena Films, partly-financed by the Malta Film Fund