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Editorial 22-09

In most areas of identity, the questions remain wide open

Editorial 20-09

Lurking beneath the surface is a deep-rooted and widespread sense of discontent concerning our country’s...
Editorial 14-09

Leo Brincat's vote against the no-confidence motion filed against Konrad Mizzi caused him to pay the ...
Editorial 13-09

There is more than just a political dimension to the Panama Papers; and international interest is by no means ...
Editorial 08-09

Former environment minister Leo Brincat’s grilling before the European parliament this week was a classi...
Editorial 06-09

The Planning Authority seems to have been unable to control abusive development
Editorial 01-09

August is a time when most people ‘switch off’ from the usual routine of actively engaging in poli...
Editorial 30-08

In a country where so much still depends on a system of political patronage, this can only raise suspicions of...
Editorial 25-08

The path has now been cleared for the new business plan to take off
Editorial 23-08

The Gozo Chamber's proposal may well open the floodgates to speculative abuse that will almost certainly d...
Editorial 19-08

The expression refers to a process whereby legislators or regulators seek employment in the same field wh...
Editorial 16-08

The controversial Rural Policy in Design Guidelines, approved in 2014, allows any roofless and long-aband...
Editorial 11-08

Malta's presidency over the European Council will be a crucial test for our national leadership
Editorial 09-08

Taken in isolation the four towers may not have a dramatic impact; but if one, two or three other high-rises a...
Editorial 04-08

Joseph Muscat argued that the country’s success was built on his government’s decisions
Editorial 02-08

The way a society cares for its people, the way its healthcare succours its afflicted, is the most basic indic...