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Editorial 21-07

It seems the likeliest outcome of the failed military coup in Turkey is further erosion of the democratic process

Editorial 19-07

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s judicial protest can be seen as another phase in this ever-evolving area of ...
Editorial 14-07

It is fitting that Parliament is currently debating a bill to scrutinise the ethical behaviour of MPs, people ...
Editorial 12-07

The discussion on the Maltese educational system reform provides an excellent opportunity to finally addr...
Editorial 07-07

It may be worth recalling recent warnings about the extent of this problem, which seems to be greater&nbs...
Editorial 05-07

The recent clash between Brikkuni vocalist Mario Vella and OPM aide and blogger Glenn Bedingfield has once aga...
Editorial 04-07

Described as ‘the worst shipwreck in years’ by the International Organisation for Migration, this ...
Editorial 30-06

Politically, the impact of Brexit is likely to be even more earth-shattering than the economic consequences
Editorial 28-06

The consequences of Britain’s decision to pull out of the EU are nothing if not far-reaching and momento...
Editorial 23-06

Stressing that the morning-after pill was not abortive, Serracino Inglott also confirmed that pills with the s...
Editorial 21-06

The 'remain' campaign may win the battle on purely factual grounds
Editorial 16-06

In recent years there has been a spate of suicides associated with the failure to live up to this unrealistic ...
Editorial 14-06

A reform of policies is expected from an alternative government which promises to be greener
Editorial 09-06

We do not know much else about the new Democratic Party, besides its leadership
Editorial 07-06

Failure to distinguish between politically exposed persons and public figures who are not politically exp...
Editorial 02-06

There is a lacuna that must be addressed with urgency: public servants, and chairpersons/officials of public e...