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Editorial 02-07

Tsipras has to date played the card that the impositions of the so-called ‘troika’ run counter to the spirit of democracy that his country ‘invented’ in antiquity. 

Editorial 30-06

There is mounting evidence that the annual declaration of assets is not taken seriously by the ministers thems...
Editorial 25-06

Perhaps we have become so inured to empty catchphrases that we no longer even expect incoming governments...
Editorial 23-06

The overwhelming impression is that the entire island is turning into one continuous building site.
Editorial 18-06

It would seem that an unintended consequence of the Zonqor controversy was to place the environment back at th...
Editorial 16-06

As long as the party funding remains unregulated at law, one can only expect such scandals to continue regardl...
Editorial 11-06

Whatever the surname, people are justified in questioning whether it was a ‘lucky coincidence’ tha...
Editorial 09-06

When still in opposition, the Labour Party had insisted – not without good reason – on a revised c...
Editorial 05-06

As is only to be expected, the results have already been spun into political arguments by either side.
Editorial 02-06

To undermine this critical piece of legislation would be a grave disservice to a justice system that had in th...
Editorial 28-05

Exactly why the FMS would be so keen to exonerate the suppliers and developers of any serious structural issue...
Editorial 26-05

With the justice minister enjoying almost plenipotentiary powers to appoint magistrates without explanation an...
Editorial 21-05

The government remains committed to turning the company around and make it “commercially viable by 2016&...
Editorial 19-05

Initially, the choice of the Zonqor site for the development of a new university campus was presented as a pro...
Editorial 14-05

The recent resignation of former Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono from the Nationalist Party – but not from...
Editorial 12-05

This was the second high-level political resignation in the past year, after former Home Affairs minister Manu...