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Editorial 07:44

The PN cannot expect to remain liberal with the liberals, and conservative with the conservatives. It must try harder to forge an identity that is both consistent and attuned to the realities of contemporary society.

Editorial 28-10

The electoral result we saw in March 2013 was itself confirmation that the electorate had rejected that govern...
Editorial 23-10

We are still in the dark as to the revised timeframes for the completion of the gas-fired station. 
Editorial 21-10

It is as though the present administration wants to reassure its European counterparts that it intends to take...
Editorial 16-10

Such was Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s confidence before the election that he even said he would resign...
Editorial 14-10

Concern has been expressed that the shift from public to private healthcare will be partly financed by taxpaye...
Editorial 09-10

Democratic exercises such as elections and referendums are not subject to the whims and fancies of the prime m...
Editorial 07-10

The message, this time emanating from the police and law courts as much as from the hunters themselves, is tha...
Editorial 01-10

By refusing to give any clear answers to specific questions, both Vella and the Commission president have sent...
Editorial 29-09

MaltaToday, The Times of Malta and the Malta Independent call for abolition of spring hunting in forthcoming r...
Editorial 25-09

The tide of popular feeling has now decidedly turned against the hunters’ cause; and with a referendum o...
Editorial 23-09

Even today, 50 years later, the fundamental question of what makes us a nation is not easy to answer.
Editorial 16-09

Given the Commission’s unflattering history when it comes to Commissioners placing their nation state&rs...
Editorial 11-09

While Arriva did bring about positive improvements as regards pricing and greater discipline among drivers, it...
Editorial 09-09

If the contracts were drawn up correctly, responsibility should be shouldered by the periti who certified the ...
Editorial 09-09

Former Enemalta chairman Alex Tranter’s arraignment on misuse of the company credit card is a separate i...