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Our electoral system has broken down
Editorial 01-12

Malta cannot afford to go to another election without fixing its flawed electoral system once and for all

Education is an end in itself
Editorial 29-11

The new system promises to be more inclusive, and to restore the dignity of vocational subjects that were...
Tax cuts are not the only answer
Editorial 24-11

Tax cuts for middle earners may make a lot of political sense, but it remains a traditional approach to a...
Let’s not lose sight of humanity
Editorial 22-11

By courting the super-rich, and treating the lowest strata of society as criminals, the government is sending ...
Anger must be channelled, not ignored
Editorial 17-11

Moderate political parties must rediscover their own raison d’etre: if they continue to ignore popular a...
Justice is not a game
Editorial 15-11

The law cannot be seen to serve some defendants better than others, otherwise, we shall be left to conclude th...
Barack Obama, a hard act to follow
Editorial 09-11

With Obama's accomplishments having indeed changed the face of the America, he may yet prove a v...
Expropriation can only be justified for public use
Editorial 08-11

Though ostensibly presented as a project serving the national interest, the Paceville master plan emerged unde...
Are we taking organised crime seriously enough?
Editorial 03-11

One can only imagine the national reaction in Malta if a child is killed as a result of a bomb attack tod...
Paceville: The cart before the high-rise horse
Editorial 31-10

The Labour government seems to be treating Malta’s scarcest resource as a ‘salotto buono&rsqu...
On judging others by one’s yardstick
Editorial 27-10

The implications of Simon Busuttil’s attack are that any press story which negatively portrays his own p...
Panama Papers: More than just offshore
Editorial 25-10

To reflect the European spirit at work inside Brussels’s PANA committee, a Maltese parliamentary committ...
Budget 2017: ‘No one left behind’
Editorial 20-10

Budget 2017 provides many short term solutions, but fails to answer fundamental questions
Social budget that addresses pensioner and low-income earners
Editorial 19-10

The 2017 Budget rides on a booming economy shouldered by growing tourism arrivals, unprecedented growth figure...
Politics is a full-time job
Editorial 18-10

The troubles engulfing former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi stem from his handling of private financial interes...
Shooting the messenger
Editorial 13-10

It is a common tactic to respond to politically turbulent press stories by simply attacking or underminin...