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On judging others by one’s yardstick
Editorial 08:26

The implications of Simon Busuttil’s attack are that any press story which negatively portrays his own party, is automatically an attack on democracy itself

Panama Papers: More than just offshore
Editorial 25-10

To reflect the European spirit at work inside Brussels’s PANA committee, a Maltese parliamentary committ...
Budget 2017: ‘No one left behind’
Editorial 20-10

Budget 2017 provides many short term solutions, but fails to answer fundamental questions
Social budget that addresses pensioner and low-income earners
Editorial 19-10

The 2017 Budget rides on a booming economy shouldered by growing tourism arrivals, unprecedented growth figure...
Politics is a full-time job
Editorial 18-10

The troubles engulfing former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi stem from his handling of private financial interes...
Shooting the messenger
Editorial 13-10

It is a common tactic to respond to politically turbulent press stories by simply attacking or underminin...
An affront to women’s rights
Editorial 11-10

The compromise on the morning after pill may be convenient for a political class that doesn’t seem ...
Time is running out for Air Malta
Editorial 06-10

The Prime Minister is right to hold out for a deal which is more beneficial for Air Malta, especially if the A...
Time to adapt to new social realities
Editorial 04-10

Maltese society has evolved to a point where it can no longer comfortably fit in any one category, as well as ...
Back to school, back to traffic
Editorial 28-09

Back to school also means back to high traffic congestion at particular peak times in a number of localities
Back to school, back to traffic
Editorial 25-09

Only a truly innovative transport system which takes cars off the road – without replacing them with bus...
Questions about Malta’s Independence, 52 years later
Editorial 22-09

In most areas of identity, the questions remain wide open
In praise of ‘Occupy Manoel Island’
Editorial 20-09

Lurking beneath the surface is a deep-rooted and widespread sense of discontent concerning our country’s...
The mark of Panama
Editorial 14-09

Leo Brincat's vote against the no-confidence motion filed against Konrad Mizzi caused him to pay the ...
What happened to the Panama Papers investigation?
Editorial 13-09

There is more than just a political dimension to the Panama Papers; and international interest is by no means ...
To be ineffective, or not to be effective
Editorial 08-09

Former environment minister Leo Brincat’s grilling before the European parliament this week was a classi...