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Malta should set its own ethical standards and get its act together
Editorial 16-11

Rightly or wrongly, Malta has gained a reputation for notoriety in the international financial services/tax-ho...
Secrecy must be attacked
Editorial 12-11

Under circumstances where institutions cannot be trusted to undertake their responsibilities, information leak...
No politics, no scandal
Editorial 09-11

As with Panama, Malta features prominently in the cache of the leaked Paradise Papers, but to date, no politic...
Malta’s ‘amoral familism’, revisited
Editorial 05-11

Malta's two-party system knows it is kept alive by patronage and businesses ‘insuring’ th...
Complex reforms call for in-depth discussion
Editorial 01-11

Just before the 2013 general election, Joseph Muscat said he intended to give birth to a 'Second Republic&...
Salvaging Muscat’s legacy
Editorial 29-10

Joseph Muscat knows only too well that Labour’s brand has been severely damaged. From now on, he faces a...
Investigation must remain top priority
Editorial 25-10

The effect of Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder on the public will be 'extraordinary'. 'Such is ...
The pen conquers fear
Editorial 22-10

Nobody deserves to die
Editorial 18-10

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder was a cold, calculated and barbaric act that has shocked the nation
A ‘feel-good’ budget, but at what cost?
Editorial 15-10

Over the decades the budget has evolved into something more pervasive than its original purpose; governme...
Edward Scicluna’s strategy pays off
Editorial 10-10

Not many finance ministers have the luxury to present budgets, which turn up a fiscal surplus... Edward Sciclu...
A manifestation of prejudice
Editorial 08-10

That such a motion could even be considered a politically sagacious move, in the climate of Malta today &ndash...
A question of meritocracy
Editorial 05-10

The government’s silence about the recent revelations concerning John Bundy is indicative of the general...
Public scrutiny long overdue
Editorial 01-10

The announcement of a Public Appointments Act is both timely and highly commendable; questions however remain ...
Mutiny in the Opposition
Editorial 28-09

Certainly it is not ‘unusual’ for incoming party leaders to face internal dissent among warring fa...