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The lessons to be learnt
Editorial 05-06

This country needs a strong opposition to counter an administration that has had an unprecedented second lands...
The waiting begins
Editorial 04-06

To any of the two men who could be Prime Minister today, this newspaper augurs that enlightened leadership wil...
A race to the final hurdle
Editorial 01-06

Like all other elections, the individual voter will be swayed by a wide variety of concerns... not just the co...
Gozo, the final frontier
Editorial 31-05

It may yet be too close to call in Gozo, and much may hinge on the 13th district count
The spectre of inquiries and investigations
Editorial 30-05

Magisterial inquiries are not there to serve a political purpose; they have a responsibility to investiga...
Back in the trenches
Editorial 29-05

Both Simon Busuttil and Joseph Muscat need reminding that their public role comes with the highest levels of p...
What next Saturday is all about
Editorial 28-05

This has not been a very respectable campaign. As the campaign progressed, it appeared that the two sides had ...
Balanced broadcasting
Editorial 26-05

Concrete reforms at the Broadcasting Authority should see the inclusion of members from civil society and all ...
Our role as journalists
Editorial 25-05

This country is being held ransom by both political blocs making it impossible to even entertain any form of i...
Patients before profits
Editorial 24-05

Our health system is in need of innovation but transparent, robust public funding and a better use of resource...
Bannister, the Malta files and tax avoidance
Editorial 23-05

It cannot be denied that in the wider sense of equal benefits for all businesses in Europe, this tax regime is...
The rush for the gay vote
Editorial 22-05

The gay lobby is considered to be an important dynamic of the electorate that can make a difference on who win...
The old whistleblower test
Editorial 21-05

In the battle of perceptions that both political leaders are waging, it can only be the independence of t...
Transparency, integrity and fairness
Editorial 19-05

Transparency, integrity and fairness in the decision-making process are crucial to safeguard public interest
Accusations of money laundering
Editorial 18-05

It was inevitable that the activities and successes of Keith Schembri's business past would be used as fod...