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An act of humiliation and violence
Editorial 20-04

The only way the Marsa raid can possibly be described as ‘not a case of racial profiling’ is ...
Religion as an identity totem
Editorial 18-04

Whether compulsory or as a complementary subject to religion, the teaching of ethics provides an opportunity t...
A coalition too far?
Editorial 13-04

Iif the PN-PD coalition is elected to government, and Marlene Farrugia is the only PD MP: would she have enoug...
Building our way to hell
Editorial 11-04

Despite an attempted greenwash it remains a fact that both main parties are in bed with the construction ...
A sense of perspective on Brexit
Editorial 06-04

Malta has done well out of the financial services and related industries, but it would be unwise to rely too m...
Media law: bigger than just one person
Editorial 04-04

The reality is that this law will be applied to all media, and will continue to apply even in a distant future...
Power of incumbency
Editorial 30-03

Even if government has so far been successful in juggling economic growth and public expenditure to Malta&rsqu...
Selling ourselves cheap
Editorial 28-03

We cannot expect to exploit the poor and asylum seekers, or only seek to reap profit on the rich who set foot ...
The national curriculum should reflect today’s reality
Editorial 23-03

A more holistic national curriculum should place Ethics as a compulsory subject in all schools
ITS should pave the way to land reforms
Editorial 21-03

Public space is one commodity we do not have in abundance, and can ill afford to lose
Quotas are a means, not an end
Editorial 16-03

Quotas will not automatically solve all problems - genuine change can only be brought about by the involvement...
Party financing needs a serious reform
Editorial 14-03

The flaws in the Party Financing Act point to possible areas of action
An unholy alliance
Editorial 09-03

Maltese MPs are part-timers and depend on private practice. Most MPs have conflicts of interest, especially th...
Catching up with women’s rights
Editorial 07-03

 Malta still lags very far behind the rest of Europe in a number of cardinal points
Of inquiries and reports
Editorial 02-03

There is an urgent need for a truly independent and fully autonomous judiciary, imbued with investigative powe...