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Accusations of money laundering
Editorial 18-05

It was inevitable that the activities and successes of Keith Schembri's business past would be used as fod...
Race to the bottom
Editorial 17-05

The solution is a fair tax system which guarantees a fair distribution of wealth and not a race to the bottom ...
Governance as seen through the employers
Editorial 16-05

It is good to know that there are skilled people keen on entering politics, which is a ruthless arena as the c...
The venerated lobbies
Editorial 15-05

The argument remains that the two perceptions are facing each other as if they were two principles: a vibrant ...
A battle for the switchers
Editorial 14-05

Expect the next weeks to be tense, intense and heated. The parties will ponder whether to unleash pure hell th...
Long and winding road
Editorial 12-05

Perhaps we shall have to wait for political parties to look at governance beyond winning elections before...
The childcare conundrum
Editorial 11-05

Voters should consider such a proposal not for its allure as ‘yet another freebie’, but for the so...
Protecting the environment beyond the Constitution
Editorial 10-05

A clear commitment not to construct the few open spaces left in this country, and not enshrining environmental...
On promises and candidates
Editorial 09-05

This election has brought to the fore the importance of so many new considerations which, prior to this electi...
Weaponised free speech
Editorial 08-05

It is the role of the political class to show responsibility and to look beyond the result of June 3 and read ...
Climate of abnormality
Editorial 07-05

This election takes place under the most surreal of circumstances, where allegations built around circumstanti...
Sense of irresponsibility
Editorial 04-05

Muscat’s decision to call a snap election is highly irresponsible because he should have waited for the ...
A matter of authenticity
Editorial 30-04

Even without the proven accusation of bribery, Joseph Muscat’s cavalier attitude on Panamagate undermine...
Transparency needed now more than ever
Editorial 27-04

Malta needs to upgrade its transparency standards across the board
An institutional failure
Editorial 24-04

While correct journalism demands the publication of documentation and proof, proper governance demands prompt ...