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Swieqi lane resurfacing required no planning permission

Planning Authority rejects Swieqi council's criticism that it had failed to take action over resurfacing of lane in ODZ land near Wied Ghomor

Tim Diacono
1 May 2017, 1:33pm
The country lane in question leads up to Wied Ghomor in Swieqi
The country lane in question leads up to Wied Ghomor in Swieqi
Resurfacing works that were carried out on an old country lane in land leading up to Wied Ghomor in Swieqi on land outside development zones did not require planning permission, the Planning Authority has confirmed

The PA was reacting to criticism by the Swieqi local council, that it had failed to act on its complaints that the road was being cleared and paved. Mayor Noel Muscat told the Times of Malta that a protected carob tree in the vicinity had been savagely chopped down and that the works have angered residents who live in the area.

However, the PA in a statement categorically denied that it failed to take action about this case.

“The Authority can confirm that at the beginning of April, within an hour from receiving a complaint by the Swieqi Local Council, enforcement officers started carrying out an investigation into the case,” it said. “The officers had found that works had been completed and no machinery or workers were found to be on site. During the inspection, the officers also noted that some of the inert material which was being used to resurface the country path spilled over into an adjacent field.”

It confirmed that a carob tree was damaged, and that it has filed a report to the Environment and Resources Authority.

While the investigations were still on going, the Authority received another report from the Swieqi Local Council that on-going works were taking place on site.

“Again, the Authority’s enforcement officers immediately went on site only to find that no new works were being carried out. The officers informed the Mayor, the Executive Secretary and a Council member, who were on site at the time, that a full report on the outcome of the case will only be given once the investigation is complete. This is normal procedure with all enforcement cases that are investigated.

“The owner of the field where the spill off was found has started to remove the material and reinstating the field back to its natural state. The Authority’s enforcement section will keep monitoring the site until it is satisfied that the works are complete. “

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