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Labour says Gonzi planning exit, education minister won’t run

Labour media claims PN hoping for sympathy vote with plans for new leader after winning election.

Matthew Vella
19 September 2012, 12:00am
Labour says Lawrence Gonzi could be planning his exit after winning the next election.
Labour party insiders are claiming Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi is planning to make his exit by announcing he will resign as prime minister and party leader if the Nationalists are re-elected.

On its media, Labour yesterday said that the PN strategy team being led by former EU ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana and transport minister Austin Gatt - who has yet to make his intentions clear on whether he will seek re-election - had recommended that Gonzi makes his exit after clinching victory in the coming elections.

The move would mollify supporters and voters who have grown weary of the current administration, while putting their hope in new blood being pumped into the party.

Only this week, Nationalist MEP Simon Busuttil - whom Gonzi appointed as his special delegate for civil society when the PM put his leadership to a party ballot - announced he would be running on the eleventh district.

He has been touted as possible leadership material, even though he could face a rival in the form of Mario De Marco, another well-liked and industrious minister who led MEPA reform and reforms in censorship laws.

Labour claims Gonzi's announcement would provoke a sympathy vote, although with the party's troubles with the vocal and rebellious MP Franco Debono, who has openly have broken ranks with the PN, the image of a 'leaderless' party can also backfire.

Education minister Dolores Cristina has also announced she will not run for the general elections, while sources say she could be mulling the next European elections in 2013.

With MEPs Simon Busuttil and David Casa running for the general elections, they could pave the way for Roberta Metsola and Marthese Portelli's election in the bye-election for their seats. Portelli, who is the president of the PN's executive committee, will also be running on the thirteenth Gozo district.

Matthew Vella is editor and MaltaToday on Sunday.

He joined Mediat...
Jes Abela
Is- socjalist ma jifilhux jaqghu izjed tan nejk!!!!! Nispera li haduha risposta.
Aristide Galea
So Gonzi is said to be planning his exit . He has no need to , because the electorate has allready done that .
charlie borg
Looks like the PN party and GONZIPN are afraid that LP will start investigating in the mess they made with the country`s finances.
Glor Findel
It would be a happy day for Malta when he goes ... HOWEVER if they are honest with the electorate he should go now and present the new leader BEFORE the election -- or at least state this openly, fairly and squarely! The people have a right to know who they are voting for, for how long and for what purpose!
m borg
Rats are the first to abandon a sinking ship.
patrick zammit
So will Gonzi stay on as leader if GonziPN losses the election?
The PN is doing everything to win votes and the forthcoming elections. I wonder what's next!
Dominic Chircop
Such a declaration by the Prime Minister will not suffice to solve matters. Unless other Curia leccaculi do likewise, matters will remain as they are. If the PN does not discard its democristiani image, and move towards more progressive ground, it will still suffer a defeat at the polls.
Good Riddance
Education minister Dolores Cristina has also announced she will not run for the general elections, while sources say she could be mulling the next European elections in 2013. - On the TOM she has been reported saying that she wants to quit politics to be more with her family. Louis Galea had said the same thing and ended up is Strousbourg, so I wouldn't be surprised. These guys never get stressed entertaining themselves in these high positions and enjoying hefty salaries. Imma l-aqwa ghandi il-my.choice...forsi titma lili u lill-familti!
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