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PN files complaints against PBS

The Nationalist party has accused PBS of being ‘selective’ in its news content, believing it to be ‘pushing the government’s agenda’.

Staff Reporter
28 February 2014, 12:00am
The Nationalist party has filed a complaint against the Broadcasting Authority for being unfair in its news reporting.
The Nationalist party has filed a complaint against the Broadcasting Authority for being unfair in its news reporting.

The Nationalist Party has filed two complaints against the Public Broadcasting Authority (PBS) on grounds of unfair coverage.

The first complaint refers to the fact that this week's episode of current affairs television programme 'Dissett' featured the sole presence of Emmanuel Mallia, Home Affairs Minister, but no representative from the Opposition.

"This is despite the fact that, throughout the screening, Mallia directed several comments towards the Nationalist Party," a statement issued by the party said.

The programme touched on various political topics such as the 'citizenship-by-investment' scheme, the police force, the army, and political responsibility.

"For this reason, we expect to have a representative from the Nationalist party invited on the show for the next episode of the programme," it said, adding that it also expected the same themes to be discussed.

The Nationalist party filed another complaint against PBS for a news bulletin the station aired yesterday evening (February 27th) in which it obtained the reaction of Emmanuel Mallia on comments he had made in the past - where he had claimed that he would resign if the government introduced residency into the citizenship scheme - and yet did not ask a PN spokesperson for its comments, despite the fact that it was Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi who had come out with the news in the first place.

"This is another clear case in which PBS is being very selective in the way that it is reporting the news with the intention of pushing the government's agenda, whilst censoring any statements that could be  considered embarrassing for government."
Janice Sant
Biex jerga ikun hemm il- bilanc u is-serjeta irridu nerghu imorru ghal ksuhat ta 'l-anchor man' tal-PN Mr Norman Vella dak li dam jinsolenta lil kull min kien Laburist snin shah..... u issa min fuq iridha ta martri! As if we cannot see through masquerades!
One understands that Mr Anthony Attard who was chief at PBS during the PN's administration is still chief at PBS.
Tasting your own medicine?
Will SimonPN be happy if PBS runs on the same level as it was under GonziPN! Leave us all in peace please.