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Refusing seat on committee, opposition lays down rules for waste management plan

The opposition reiterates its call for a transparent debate on the government’s plans for a new waste-to-energy processing plant

Paul Cocks
7 October 2017, 2:11pm
Karol Aquilina insists the opposition will play a part in scrutinising government's decisions
Karol Aquilina insists the opposition will play a part in scrutinising government's decisions
Despite having decided not to appoint a representative on a technical waste-to-energy committee set up by the government, the opposition today reiterated its commitment to playing a part in ensuring that any decisions taken by the government in this sector are in the best interests of the environment and of generations to come.

In a letter to the chairman of Parliament’s permanent committee for the environment and planning, opposition spokesman Karol Aquilina said the project would inadvertently have long-lasting effects on waste management and the country’s environment.

Aquilina said it was the permanent committee’s responsibility to scrutinise the government’s decisions that could impact the environment and that it was therefore imperative that the committee invite environment minister Jose Herrera and the chief executive officer of Wasteserv to explain any decisions taken so far and how they plan to proceed.

He said the committee should also ask for any reports commissioned by the government on the matter and to call experts and representatives of environmental organisations to also appear before the committee.

Paul Cocks joined MaltaToday after having spent years working in newspapers with The Times...