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Dutch king declares end of welfare state

The King said looking to the state for help was a thing of the 20th century.

18 September 2013, 12:00am

The King of the Netherlands has informed his country that their welfare state is finished.

King Willem-Alexander, alongside his wife, Queen Maxima, told the Dutch people that they must create their own social and financial safety nets, and that looking to the state for help was a thing of the 20th century.

The speech was part of the monarch’s annual address on the day the government presents its budget.

It was not immediately clear if the 100 million euros spent by the government on maintaining the Royal House, with its castles and parades, would be included in the austerity cuts.

Recent polls show confidence in the government at a record low and that most Dutch people believe the cabinet’s austerity policies are at least partially to blame.

The Dutch economy is expected to have shrunk by more than one percent in 2013, and is worsening while recoveries are underway in Britain, Germany and France.
Raymond Mintoff
"The King said looking to the state for help was a thing of the 20th century"...... on the other hand monarchy is a thing of the distant past, the dark and middle ages.Why is it always the fat pigs with their snout in the trough who try to make life of others miserable.
Raymond Mintoff
At first sight one would think this is so right but then realising that said king's S is well taken care of even if he himself does not contribute to the country's well being then one gets second thoughts. If his statement was aimed at illegal migrants who enter the country to live off the hard working citizen then I would whole heartedly agree. Any other agenda behind that is total crap.
what is the thing for the 21 st century then! Rich get richer poor get poorer! It is good to be the King but then it depends really !
Ritienne Mifsud
What a disgusting state of affairs.The State has a duty , looking after the wellbeing and betterment of it's people is one of them,otherwise what are taxes for? This will lead to more theft,anger and spite by the have not's of which are the majority.The 'Have's" whose idea this probably is will rue the day. Whilst i know the King is only mouthing the Governments words,I would say a worth while Monarch would suggest himself as the first to go,but expecting the King to self explode and sack himself is beyond the realm of fantasy .The present Government a close second.
And yet they are spending $6 BILLION on war machines. Netherlands signs $6bn Lockheed Martin deal Simply DISGUSTING
How about the end of royalty which is passè and a remnant of the dark ages? This is also due to the EU with its destructive one-size-fits-all policies and regulations and austerity which seeks to destroy the welfare state and privatize everything. This is another good reason to leave the EU to be able to decide in our best interests and not having to submit to its dicktat and see what we have worked for all our lives destroyed by the EU.
Kevin Fenech
Yes King. As another royalty, Marie Antoinette had said "let them eat cake". That 240 years ago. She was so advanced, it seems.
anton sciberras
I think the Dutch people should declare the end of the monarchy and save themselves more than €100 million.