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World 17:27

At least 17 people killed, five hospitalised after blaze tears through unlicensed nursing home in Kiev

World 10:12

Bolt of lightning kills man in Poland, several people, including children, injured as bout of unstable weather...
World 09:57

More than 660 asylum-seekers saved by Italian coastguard as United Nations warn that hundreds may have perishe...
World 28-05

Actress files for divorce and accuses the Pirates of the Caribbean actor of physical assault
World 27-05

Chinese laundry detergent advert branded the most racist commercial to be screened
World 27-05

Girl raped in Rio de Janeiro by more than 30 men, including boyfriend – video of the attack posted on Tw...
World 27-05

A radio signal received from an emergency locator transmitter could potentially help to narrow the s...
World 27-05

Nearly half of the world's population of the saiga, an antelope in Kazakhstan, were wiped out by a fr...
World 27-05

US president Barack Obama is to visit Hiroshima on Friday, where the US dropped the world's first nuclear ...
World 27-05

Google won a major US court battle after a jury ruled the IT giant did not unfairly appropriate parts of the J...
World 27-05

A declaration at the G7 meeting in Japan claims that Brexit would pose a serious threat to global growth
World 26-05

Tragic shipwreck off Libya leaves an estimated 80 refugees dead
World 26-05

Protests against labour law changes seen as "too pro-business" continue, France turns to emergency f...