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Amnesty accuses Sudan government of using chemical weapons in Darfur
World 09:02

Rights group Amnesty International accused Sudanese government forces of killing scores of civilians, including many children, in suspected chemical weapons attacks in war-torn Darfur

US teen kills father, opens fire on schoolyard
World 08:40

A 14-year-old boy shot his father dead before driving to a school playground and opening fire • Police un...
Typhoon Megi causes landslides to hit two Chinese villages, dozens missing
World 08:27

Heavy typhoon rains caused the landslides to crash into Sucun and Baofeng village in Zheijiang province, destr...
Congress made ‘mistake’ by overriding 9/11 bill veto – Obama
World 08:14

The US Congress has overridden President Barack Obama's veto of a controversial Bill which allows families...
Oil prices surge after OPEC ministers announce output cut
World 08:02

Oil producers cartel OPEC agreed on Wednesday to modest oil output cuts in the first such deal since 2008
Russian missile brought down MH17, investigation concludes
World 16:01

An international criminal investigation into the shooting down of flight MH17 concludes that a Russian Bu...
Father of US Muslim teen arrested for school project sues for defamation
World 28-09

The father of a young Muslim school boy who was arrested, questioned and suspended from school for bringing in...
France urged to house unattended children in Calais camp
World 28-09

The French government has garnered criticism from the children’s commission over the condition of the Ca...
Former Israeli president dies aged 93
World 28-09

Shimon Peres, has died at age 93 after suffering a stroke two weeks ago
World’s first baby with DNA from three parents born
World 27-09

The baby was born from a new procedure that combines the DNA of three people, in a bid to fight mother’s...
50kg of cannabis seized in Ragusa, destined for Malta
World 27-09

Ragusa police arrest father and daughter who were about to traffic over 50kg of cannabis to Malta
Two bombs go off in Dresden, Germany
World 27-09

Two bomb attacks went off on Monday night, targeting a mosque and a convention centre, soon after an anti-Isla...
Murdered Sri Lankan editor's body to be exhumed
World 27-09

The body of a celebrated Sri Lankan journalist gunned down in the country’s civil war in ...
Washington suspect 'admits' gun attack
World 27-09

A man who was remanded in custody after being linked to the Washington mall shooting that killed five on ...
Trump vs Clinton: Republican firebrand ‘baited’ by calm Democrat • How the world press reported presidential debate
World 27-09

The Guardian’s Washington correspondent called it a battle between ‘Mrs Know It All v Mr Know Noth...
Thousands of Saudis sign petition to end male guardianship of women
World 27-09

The Saudi government has promised to end guardianship of women twice in seven years, and some clerics have the...