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World 19:45

Suicide bombing kills ten soldiers, injures further 12 in attack on army base in northern Iraq.

World 19:33

Two Ugandan men face life imprisonment if found guilty of homosexuality, the first case since controversial an...
World 09:11

Ruling allows Italian ex-PM to remain politically active.
World 09:05

Separatists raise Russian flags after capturing column of Ukrainian armoured vehicles, a day before internatio...
World 08:58

Parliamentary elections cross the half-way mark, with 121 constituencies casting their ballot.
World 08:48

Relatives of hundreds missing in ferry sinking hold vigil, with one saying he received text message from son o...
World 16-04

Ukrainian troops have already set up positions around the airport in Kramatorsk.
World 16-04

Around 370 people rescued so far while two passengers were found dead.
National 15-04

10 failed asylum seekers are repatriated to Ghana, home affairs ministry says
World 15-04

Italian former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi must carry out community service in a home for the e...
World 15-04

Identity and motive unclear of men who seized Fawaz al-Aitan after attacking his car in Tripoli and shooting h...
World 13-04

Causalities reported in pro-Russian and Ukrainian gun battle in Eastern cities; attacks prompt Kiev to prepare...
World 13-04

Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s sons Saif al-Islaam and Saadi facing accusations of mast...
World 13-04

Security forces exchange fire with men in Kramatorska and separatists also take buildings in Slovyansk and Don...
World 13-04

Police fire tear gas and make arrests as protesters clash with police over new prime minister’s labour r...
World 13-04

No injuries or structural damage were reported.