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World 15:59

The Quartet is credited with creating a national dialogue between the country's Islamist and secular coalition parties amid deepening political and economic crisis in 2013.

World 08:59

US officials insist that four Russian missiles aimed at Syrian targets have landed in Iran, as Russia continue...
World 08:47

Ben Carson tells CNN that Hitler would have been less likely to accomplish his goals if the Jewish people...
World 08:23

UN Envoy Bernardino Leon said the prime minister for the new government is Fayez Sarraj, a member of the Tripo...
World 08:10

Ten people have been quarantined after coming into contact with a man showing Ebola-like symptoms, officials s...
World 08-10

EU agrees to beef up Frontex and speed up deportations of failed asylum seekers
World 08-10

Argentina and Barcellona footballer Lionel Messi and his father are accused of defrauding over €4million
World 08-10

Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death after he reportedly consumed beef in India, where the animal is con...
World 08-10

The hero of the August terror attack on a train in France, was stabbed in Califronia
World 08-10

German chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande urged EU leaders to tackle the crisis, ...
World 07-10

Man shoots 18-year-old woman who injured him lightly in latest incident in occupied East Jerusalem
World 07-10

US commander of international forces in Afghanistan says air strike on hospital which left 22 fatalities was a...
World 07-10

Massive recall of Volkswagen vehicles to begin in January.
World 07-10

EU begins new operation to capture boats smuggling refugees across the Mediterranean
World 06-10

Neutrinos are the second most bountiful particles after photons, the particles of light, and their true nature...
World 06-10

California becomes fifth US state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives