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World 15:31

By Wednesday morning, some 3,000 refugees were gathered outside Keleti station

World 08:50

On Monday police blocked off the presumed location of the train along a stretch of active railway tracks to pr...
World 08:46

Award-winning journalist jailed in case said to be retaliation for exposing state corruption
World 08:29

UN says successive wars and economic blockade have wiped out Gaza's capacity to produce for domestic or ex...
World 08:11

Two ships carrying more than 4,200 people travelled to Piraeus port at night after leaving Lesbos island.
World 20:05

Pope Francis will allow all priests to forgive women and doctors for abortion throughout a Jubilee Year betwee...
World 01-09

Greek authorities have arrested crew members aboard a vessel reportedly carrying weapons to Islamic State forc...
World 01-09

Businessman Lalit Modi located in Malta, might be soon arrested by Interpol, according to reports
World 01-09

The attack involved the use of a car bomb, which breached the defences at an African Union Mission in Som...
World 01-09

IS militants seized control of Palmyra in May, sparking fears for the World Heritage site.
World 31-08

US President to trek Alaska wilderness on adventure show to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change.&...
World 31-08

Palmyira's 2,000 year old Temple of Bel, reportedly withstood an attack by Islamic State militants
World 31-08

During a noisy session of Ukraine's parliament, MPs voted to approve more powers in areas of Donetsk and L...
World 31-08

Kanye West announces plans to run for president in 2020 after admitting he had "rolled up a little someth...
World 31-08

MaltaToday tracks down Facebook pages used by human traffickers to entice people seeking refuge in Europe
World 30-08

Chad executes 10 Boko Haram militants by firing squad, a day after a court found them guilty of charges includ...