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'Explosion' detected near site of missing Argentinian submarine
World 16:29

The navy have confimed an abnormal sound 'consistent with an explosion' along the route the ARA San Juan was following

[WATCH] Rwanda offers refuge to 30,000 African migrants in Libya
World 15:30

In the wake of a video which showed men being auctioned off as farm workers in Libya, Rwanda has offered refug...
Myanmar-Bangladesh sign Rohingya return deal
World 15:03

Over 620,000 Rohingya fled into Bangladesh but are set to return as Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed a deal,...
New York City attack: Saipov charged with 22 counts
World 13:08

Sayfullo Saipov, was charged with providing material support to the Islamic State group, as well as eight coun...
Argentina: hunt for missing submarine to return to previously searched area
World 12:15

The search for the submarine ARA San Juan, which went missing a week ago in the south Atlantic is set to focus...
Amazon massacre: global companies accused of importing timber
World 09:17

The first-world buyers continued to trade with the the founder of a Brazilian logging firm, who is accused of ...
[WATCH] Zimbabwe: former vice president Mnangagwa hails a 'new democracy'
World 09:06

The 75-year-old Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to be sworn in as president on Friday
Apple supplier stops illegal overtime at iPhone X factory
World 08:36

At least six students were found to be working 11 hour days at an iPhone X plant, breaching Chinese laws
[WATCH] Manus island: police storm island refugee camp
World 08:23

A deteriorating humanitarian crisis... Papua New guinean police and immigration officers are entering the form...
Silvio Berlusconi goes to European court to fight election ban
World 22-11

Six years after he was forced from office, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to attend a hearing ...
Germany: six arrested over Christmas market terror plot
World 22-11

Six Syrians, 'suspected of being members of the foriegn terrorist organisation that calls itself the Islam...
Japan: US navy aircraft crash: eight rescued, three still missing
World 22-11

Eight people are in 'good condition' following a US navy aircraft crash, which took place about 5...
Lebanon: prime minister Saad Hariri suspends his resignation
World 22-11

Returning to Beirut on Tuesday, Hariri announced that he is suspending his resignation. 'Our nation today ...
[WATCH] Ratko Mladic convicted of genocide at UN tribunal, sentenced to life imprisonment
World 22-11

Nicknamed the 'butcher of Bosnia' Mladic, former commander of the Bosnian Serb army, was sentenced to ...
[WATCH] North Korean defector's escape caught on tape
World 22-11

The North Korean soldier's brave escape, who was shot by his own troops while defecting to the South was r...
Australia: Victoria to become first state to legalise euthanasia
World 22-11

The historic bill was passed by 22 votes to 18 after a gruelling and often bitter all-night debate