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World 19:09

United States and 11 Pacific Rim countries sign a massive free trade agreement that will create an economic bloc across 40% of the world's economy 

World 09:50

Portugal's governing coalition re-elected after four years of harsh austerity, but loses parliamentary maj...
World 09:16

Medecins Sans Frontieres claims Afghanistan's attempt to justify Saturday's attack on a hospital in Ku...
World 08:16

Islamic State militants have destroyed a nearly 2,000 year old arch in Palmyra, Syria
World 04-10

French government says there is little hope of finding missing alive after catastrophic violent storms, heavy ...
World 04-10

After 19 people, including 12 members of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), are killed in suspected US-led air str...
World 04-10

Ruling centre-right coalition who navigated country through debt crisis and recession slightly ahead in opinio...
World 04-10

350 still unaccounted for but chances of survival are low amid desperate rescue efforts in Guatemala City
World 04-10

Vaticanologist Frank Zammit shares his views on the synod of bishops who will discuss family issues, including...
World 03-10

Poland-born Krysztof Charamsa, 43, reveals he’s gay on the eve of a synod
World 03-10

NATO spokesperson admits US air strikes on Afghanistan may have struck a clinic run by the Medecins Sans ...
World 03-10

Buratino multiple rocket launcher, nicknamed “scorched earth”, found in rebel-held eastern Ukraine
World 03-10

US President warns Russia that its air strike campaign in Syria is 'strengthening' Islamic State, insi...
World 02-10

The massive influx of refugees has put pressure on city authorities to find accommodation
World 02-10

Moscow maintained that the attacks were aimed at the Islamic State group and other "terrorist organisatio...
World 02-10

he Twin Otter aircraft is carrying ten people, including three children