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National 11:14

Prime Minister describes shipwreck as the 'worst tragedy in the Mediterranean in recent years', warns that Europe will be judged harshly for its inaction in the future.

World 09:45

Nigerian officials say a 'mysterious' disease has killed some 18 people in the country and initial tes...
World 09:18

South African president Jacob Zuma promises to end xenophobic attacks during a visit of a refugee camp in Durb...
World 16:18

Moscow criticises the sending of the 900 US soldiers as an escalation
World 18-04

Pledge comes after UN appeal for emergency assistance
World 18-04

The teenage suspects were reportedly preparing an attack at the ANZAC Day ceremony in Melbourne next week
World 18-04

Explosion targeted government workers and military personnel queuing to collect their salaries
World 17-04

Douri served as Saddam's second-in-command on the Revolutionary Command Council and was the "King of ...
World 17-04

Following migrant Meditteranean shipwreck, Terre des Hommes call on EU to update its migration policies so as ...
World 17-04

The crew comprised three Sicilians and four Tunisians. There were no reports of injuries.
World 17-04

MEPs want to increase their monthly allowance by €1,500, arguing that they have remained unchanged since ...
World 17-04

A man who has returned from Syria, has been charged over rumoured plan to carry out attack on US military
World 17-04

33 tonnes of dead fish have been removed from an Olympic rowing and caoneing venue in Rio de Janeiro
World 17-04

Suspects arrested in port of Palermo amid flood of people trying to reach Europe from Africa and Middle East i...
World 17-04

Relatives of the victims will form part of the 1,500-strong congregation, along with German Chancellor Angela ...
World 16-04

A total of 304 people, mostly school students, were killed when the ship - overloaded and illegally redesigned...