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World 09:42

EU finance ministers call on European Commission and ECB to consider removing the €500 note from circulation, over concerns that it is being frequently used by money launderers and terrorists 

World 09:20

Around 10,000 farmers protest in front of Greek parliament against pension and tax reforms demanded by th...
World 08:55

Pope Franciis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Krill hold meeting in Cuba, the first between a Pope and a Russia...
World 19:10

European Commission warns Greece that it will allow member states to extend inter-Schengen border control...
World 18:45

Syrian President vows to retake entire country by force, accuses European governments of having caused migrati...
World 12-02

UN source says two killed and 30 wounded after assault on base in northeastern Mali
World 12-02

Health officials expect to develop vaccine against Zika virus in about a year, after news that a third adult m...
World 12-02

World powers decide to seek end of hostilities in Syria startong next week • Ceasefire will not apply to ...
World 12-02

A fight between the Zetas drug cartel and the Gilf cartel at a prison near Monterrey left 49 dead 
World 11-02

Number of Irish journalists were 'formally notified' by police in the Republic of Ireland that their s...
World 11-02

Six teenagers lost their lives after their school bus was involved in a road accident in France
World 11-02

In a statement, the ICRC said supply routes for aid had been cut, putting civilians under 'enormous pressu...
World 10-02

Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one cha...
World 10-02

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashes out at the US over its support for Syria's main Kurdish grou...
World 10-02

Government forced laying siego on Aleppo could cut off Syrian civilians form basic humanitarian aid
World 10-02

BarackObama state country bullying will not resolve issues in the South China Sea