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World 18:14

Thousands of demonstrators urge world leaders to demand action to stop climate change

World 15:04

Turkish prime minister says body of Russian pilot who died after Turkey shot down a Russian jet over Syrian bo...
World 10:54

Macedonian police fire tear gas after refugees stranded for days at Greece-Macedonia border threw stones, inju...
World 10:22

Palestinian attacker who stabbed Israeli policeman in the neck shot dead in latest attack in a wave of violenc...
World 10:11

Demonstrators in UK and Spain protest against potential participation of their governments in air strikes in S...
World 07:59

Courageous defender of human rights is shot dead as incident sparks instant protests in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmi...
World 19:49

Russia announces economic sanctions against Turkey over fighting jet downing
World 28-11

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns Russia not to "play with fire" following reports that T...
World 28-11

Shooter kills two civillians and one police officer at a family planning clinic in Colorado Springs, US.
World 27-11

Nigeria and France to unite against Islamic extremist group Boko-Haram • Leaders to discuss Islamic extre...
World 27-11

Amnesty International reports that six activists facing the death sentence were children when the alleged crim...
World 27-11

Chinese-born Anastasia Lin, 25, says she did not receive an invitation to attend the event, which me...
World 27-11

Moscow has also started sending back Turkish trucks loaded with exports at the border and stopped Turkish tour...
World 26-11

Eagles of Death Metal vow Bataclan return • Vocalist Jesse Hughes said he wants ‘to be the first ba...
World 26-11

Belgian security forces wearing decontamination suits investigate white powder delivered to a Saudi-funded mos...
World 26-11

British PM David Cameron told MPs the UK was already a target for IS and the only way to deal with that w...