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World 09:08

Saudi-led coalition warplanes bomb special forces camp in Yemen capital killing some 36 people and injuring an estimated 100 others

World 08:21

Nebraska becomes 19th US State to ban capital punishment
World 08:09

British prime Minister starts tour of European capitals to gain support for changes in UK-EU relations
World 27-05

Senior Vatican official Cardinal Pietro Parolin has attacked the legalisation of gay marriage in Ireland
World 27-05

Four Taliban gunmen were killed after they stormed a guesthouse in a diplomatic area in Kabul, Afghanistan
World 27-05

Six top Fifa officials arrested over US corruption charges
World 26-05

Would-be assassins open fire on Abdullah al-Thinni's car • one of the bodyguards wounded
World 26-05

Wikileaks leaks EU plan for military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya showing that &l...
World 26-05

Heatwave in India claims the lives of 640 people and temperatures are not expected to drop any time soon
World 26-05

A fire that swept through a rest home in central Chine has left 38 people dead and six injured
World 26-05

Some 13 people have died in north Mexican border city following a devastating tornado  
World 25-05

US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, dies in a car crash with his...
World 25-05

Tunisian soldier shot dead after he opened fire at a military base in Tunis
World 25-05

A month after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, the country struggles to rebuild
World 25-05

UK government announces that the majority of EU citizens living in the UK will not get a vote, but that Irish,...
World 24-05

Police discover 30 large graves containing remains of hundreds of people near human trafficking detention camp...