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World 10:23

Police have found no ties between the shooter and Martin Rouleau, who earlier this week ran over two Canadian soldiers, killing one

World 08:47

Militants abducted 25 girls and continue to conduct acts of violence, despite a ceasefire deal with the govern...
World 08:13

A doctor in NYC,  who treated patients in Guinea, and an infant girl in Mali have been diagnosed with the...
World 23-10

After saying it had received no communication over 2015 Budget, finance ministry says European Commission aske...
National 23-10

Simon Busuttil is in Brussels for European People’s Party summit
World 23-10

The United Nations is setting up an independent investigation into Israeli attacks on UN facilities in Gaza du...
World 23-10

A three-month-old girl was killed and eight other people were injured when a car hit them at a Jerusalem tram ...
World 23-10

Kurdish regional parliament in Iraq authorises deployment of Kurdish peshmerga fighters to the embattled town ...
World 23-10

Hundreds of Shi'ite Hazaras have been killed in bomb attacks and shootings in southwestern Baluchistan in ...
World 23-10

Let there be no misunderstanding. We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated - Stephen Harpe...
World 23-10

Video footage captured by news organizations showed the man, wearing shorts, on the grass of the White House&r...
World 22-10

'Multiple gunmen' being sought by police
World 22-10

His health had been declining for years and his wife, last month, revealed that her husband had been suff...
World 22-10

Frontex co-ordinates joint return operations, in which several EU Member States co-operate. Between 2006 and 2...
World 22-10

After witnesses said he had used his car as a weapon to attack the soldiers, the suspect was shot dead followi...
World 22-10

The government's negotiation team was led by the city's most senior civil servant and the students wer...