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World 12:10

EU leaders ‘too willing to sideline human rights’ at home, says Human Rights Watch in 2015 report

World 09:18

Scientists in France analysing hundreds of blood samples say Ebola is mutating
World 08:59

ISIL threatens to kill Jordanian pilot unless female prisoner with links to al-Qaeda is released by sunset on ...
World 08:34

As Tsipras made his debut cabinet speech, Greek government bond yields rose to their highest since the 2012 de...
National 28-01

Corinthia attack not targeted at Malta, but Security Services cannot exclude any possible reason for terrorist...
World 28-01

The International Contact Group on Libya (ICGL) convened on Wednesday in Addis Ababa to assess the situation o...
World 28-01

Rival leader says attacks perpetuated by renegade general Khaliha Hiftar's Operation Dignity forces, not b...
World 28-01

Joint statement on Libya by the governments of France, Germany, Italy, Malta, the United Kingdom and the Unite...
World 28-01

Days of rough weather and poor underwater visibility hampered navy divers' efforts.
World 28-01

The controversial killing of Moussa al-Zahrani came shortly before President Barack Obama arrived in...
World 28-01

Management at the El Emad Towers told Lana news agency that a number of messages were found in the corridors s...
World 28-01

Al Libi was indicted in 2001 by the federal court in the Southern District of New York on charges of conspirac...
National 28-01

Car bomb explodes outside Maltese-owned hotel after Islamic State-affiliated gunmen attack lobby and then deto...
World 27-01

Millions of users unable to access Facebook and Instagram accounts on Tuesday morning
World 27-01

New York City and other areas in the north east of the US shut down as forecasts warn of powerful blizzards ex...
World 27-01

Lindsay Sandiford says she was made to a sign a letter in Indonesian which she did not understand, and fears i...