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World 14:58

Residents in the Palestinian enclave continue to suffer power cuts.

World 12:10

Gaza suffers one of its heaviest nights of bombardment, by air, sea and land, after Israel's prime ministe...
World 11:22

Over 4,000 Turks evacuated overnight from Libyan port city of Misrata
World 09:21

France to welcome Christians fleeing the area controlled by Islamic State, expresses outrage at their persecut...
World 08:32

The decision is latest in a series of moves by Prime Minister David Cameron to address voter concerns over imm...
World 08:28

Washington urges immediate talks on what it calls a violation of its security and that of its allies.
World 08:18

Data shows Malaysian jet suffered “massive explosive decompression” after being hit, as fighting f...
National 21:23

A patient from Libya together with a relative have been evacuated to Malta with serious injuries and wounds.
World 16:38

Gaza is in a "critical condition" and violence there must stop "in the name of humanity", ...
World 28-07

Libya is seeking foreign assistance after a missile caused a storage tank containing petroleum fuel to catch f...
World 28-07

Buraq Airlines and Afriquiyah Airways post flight schedules for next three days on Facebook page
National 28-07

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes says ambassador Deborah Jones will be based in Malta.
World 28-07

Liberian president orders most crossings closed and restricts public gatherings as worst outbreak in history c...
World 28-07

A 20-year-old man has died after lightning struck eighte people at busy Los Angeles beach.
World 28-07

France, UK, Germany and Italy urge their nationals to get out of Libya as heavy fighting rages between militia...
World 28-07

The UN Security Council calls for an "immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza as...