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World 08:53

Amnesty International reports that six activists facing the death sentence were children when the alleged crimes were committed and say they were tortured to confess

World 08:22

Chinese-born Anastasia Lin, 25, says she did not receive an invitation to attend the event, which me...
World 08:09

Moscow has also started sending back Turkish trucks loaded with exports at the border and stopped Turkish tour...
World 18:54

Eagles of Death Metal vow Bataclan return • Vocalist Jesse Hughes said he wants ‘to be the first ba...
World 15:03

Belgian security forces wearing decontamination suits investigate white powder delivered to a Saudi-funded mos...
World 26-11

British PM David Cameron told MPs the UK was already a target for IS and the only way to deal with that w...
World 26-11

Derek Medina shot his wife eight times posted a photo of the body online
World 26-11

The United States and Europe both urged calm and continued dialogue in telephone conversations with Russian Fo...
World 26-11

The pontiff played down security fears about his trip, joking that he was "more worried about the mo...
National 25-11

Film goads United States to “bring it on” and fight at the site of Islamic armageddon in Dabiq
World 25-11

French prime minister Manuel Valls told German media that the EU had been stretched beyond its limits by the r...
World 25-11

Russian president accuses Turkey of 'backstabbing' and supporting ISIS following its shooting down of ...
World 25-11

The bus was carrying presidential guards in the capital, which is now in a state of emergency and under curfew
World 24-11

The Russian defence ministry acknowledged that an Su-24 fighter jet crashed in Syria as a result of ...
World 24-11

Two journalists, two members of the papal commission and an assistant to go on trial for leaking and publishin...
World 24-11

Canada will repotedly only accept whole families, lone women or children as part of its resttlement plan ...