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World 10:27

Former lovers Knox and Sollecito were convicted for the second time in 2014

National 08:57

The 2014 figure is the highest since 1992, at the beginning of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
World 08:23

 The accident took place in Langalbandh, a Hindu pilgrimage spot on the banks of the Brahmaputra river, 2...
World 08:08

Police say they may have found a significant clue but would not elaborate on what it was
World 07:45

Germanwings flight 4U9525's co-pilot, with 630 hours’ flying time under his belt, was regarded by co...
World 13:28

Investigators analyzing the audio recordings have come to the conclusion that the co-pilot of the plane intent...
World 26-03

New York Times quotes an unnamed investigator into the plane crash as saying that one of the pilots had left t...
World 26-03

Tributes have begun pouring in for the victims of Tuesday's crash, which claimed the lives of 150 people
World 26-03

Local media reports at least 16 people were treated for injurie
World 26-03

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan are said to have contributed a number...
World 25-03

French investigators retrieve audio box from crashed plane but found no explanation on what caused the plane t...
World 25-03

Search and recovery operations of the Germanwings crash site have continued after the retrieval of the first b...
World 25-03

The White House has said there is no evidence so far of a terror attack. A Lufthansa official said they were a...
National 24-03

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says EU ‘couldn’t have sent a stronger message’ in March Counci...
World 24-03

Low-cost carrier Germanwings airliner crashes in French Alps - 144 passengers and six crew members on board &b...
World 24-03

The bunker is thought to have been built as a hideout for leaders of the Third Reich in the event of a German ...