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World 19:53

Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force says Cecil the lion's head should be displayed at the entrance of the park where he was killed so taht people can pay tribute to him. 

World 13:33

Libya’s state prosecutor to investigate apparent torture of Muammar Gaddafi’s son as country plung...
World 08:14

Under the measures announced on Monday, British landlords who do not remove illegal migrants, or who do not ch...
World 08:02

Delta and American Airlines announced that they would no longer transport lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elep...
World 03-08

27-year-old Moroccan man suffocates to death after his brother attempts to smuggle him to Spain in a suitcase ...
World 03-08

Tom Hayes jailed for 14 years after being found guilty of rigging Libor interest rates for his personal tradin...
World 03-08

Riot police try to stop migrants renewing attempts to cross into Britain via Calais Eurotunnel.
World 03-08

Monsoon season causes havoc in India and Myanmar and leaves over a 100 people dead with numbers expected to ri...
World 03-08

Sixteen-year-old girl stabbed at gay pride march in Jerusalem last week, has died from her wounds
World 03-08

Although Greece struck a bailout deal with its creditors last month, political in-fighting in Athens over the ...
World 02-08

Anger grows after 18-month-old boy is burned alive by suspected Jewish extremists in horrifying West Bank atta...
World 02-08

Two security forces killed after tractor loaded with two tonnes of explosives explodes in Turkey’s easte...
World 01-08

Mullah Akhtar Mansour pledges to 'utilise all his energy' to carry on the message of the Taliban's...
World 01-08

Palestine will hold the Israeli government 'fully responsible' for the death of an 18-month-old Palest...
World 31-07

Nigerian soldiers rescue 71 girls and women following firefights that killed several armed fighters outside of...
World 31-07

IMF will refuse to participate in a third Greek bailout until the country reaches an 'explicit and concret...