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World 09:16

Palmyira's 2,000 year old Temple of Bel heavily damaged by IS attack

World 07:30

MaltaToday tracks down Facebook pages used by human traffickers to entice people seeking refuge in Europe
World 19:31

Chad executes 10 Boko Haram militants by firing squad, a day after a court found them guilty of charges includ...
World 18:00

Chinese industry minister says local government progressing on plans to relocate or upgrade around 1,000 chemi...
World 16:10

Three Syrian children and their families who were rescued from a crammed minivan on Friday have disappeared fr...
World 13:57

Neurologist famed for his semi-autobiographical books on his former patients suffering from neurological condi...
World 30-08

Thousands of people rally in Dresden, the hub of the anti-Islamist 'Pegida' group, to send a strong me...
World 30-08

Thousands of people protest in Tokyo against proposed new law that would allow Japanese troops to fight abroad...
World 29-08

The lorry was stopped in Braunau district and the Romanian driver was arrested after a chase.
World 29-08

Journalist Peter Greste: ‘Shocked, outraged, angry and upset. None of them convey how I feel right now&r...
World 29-08

Rebeak Brooks expected to be appointed as the chief executive of News Corp's UK branch, a year after being...
World 29-08

Six Nasa recruits commence year-long isolation experiment in a dome in Hawaii to simulate life on Mars 
World 29-08

Ban Ki-Moon calls for a 'collective poltiical response' from European states, after 71 dead refugees f...
World 28-08

Italian authorities 10 individuals suspected to be human traffickers following the death by asphyxiation of 52...
World 28-08

The victims included 59 men, eight women and four children who are thought to have been dead for about two day...
World 28-08

Exact number of dead will be established later today as discovery continues to cast shadow over Vienna talks