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On the cover: The Quad by DeMicoli & Associates. Front cover by DPRO studio
On the cover: The Quad by DeMicoli & Associates. Front cover by DPRO studio

The second edition of Architecture & Design was distributed with the MaltaToday newspaper on Sunday 29 August. This issue carries an interview with Malta’s most celebrated architect - Richard England. A man and an architect who has contributed more than one can possibly imagine to understanding the value of design and architecture in Malta.

Richard England repeatedly harps on the importance of architecture that serves a purpose, a goal and of the obligation architects have in creating the right tone for the object of a structure.

He says: “I would like to think of my buildings as primarily soul enhancing edifices, pastoral arcadias as opposed to fiscal dystopias, which adhere specifically to place and time. Site, context and the client’s brief remain paramount influencing factors in the design process. According to the Roman architect Vitruvius’ definition, architecture must provide ‘commodity, firmness and delight’. It is however the element of ‘delight’ which lifts construction to the realm of architecture.”

Brave words in an urban setting that leaves many disturbed by the contentious design that ignores the surroundings and the long-term impact of that design.

Richard England offers the best paradigm for an intellectual and an architect and his parting shot in his interview he laments: “We need to tread gently on our planet, with architects thinking more of eco than ego. In view of the world’s current daunting situation my dream non-pollutive project would be one where the floor is the earth, the walls are the wind and the ceiling is the sky.”

In this issue we also have a look at lighting designs for 2021 and how they tend to add an originally finished look to the room.  From track lighting, striking table and floor lamps, retro and industrial styles and cordless lighting, lighting design trends in 2021 are anything but boring! 

Perit Duncan Muscat digs into merging architecture styles in Malta, and interior designer Claire Galea gives us the necessary tips needed when mixing old with new. Perit Francesca Scicluna explains how the road back to the office is not necessarily the road back to normality pre pandemic. So how can we make the office a destination again? 

Architecture & Design is distributed for free with the MaltaToday or sold separately for Eur2.

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