Meridianbet: The importance of giving back to the community and being a positive role model

Meridianbet wants to remind the community of the importance of giving back

Renowned online gaming company Meridianbet may have some of the hottest deals available on the market, but they are also heavily involved in the community and giving back. Meridianbet throughout the years, has taken part in a wide range of charities and public initiatives which all aim to give back and help the community where possible. Taking interest in women's rights, animal welfare, health and both local and foreign human rights, Meridianbet wants to remind the public that they take philanthropy just as seriously as their high-quality casino and online gaming services. 

The most recent contributions Meridianbet made/were part of were those including;

  • Women’s Day 
  • The UN Global Compact
  • Noah’s Ark Food Donation
  • Staff Blood Donation Drive 

In honour of International Women’s Day, Meridianbet took the opportunity to donate to the St Jeanne Antide Foundation (SOAR). SOAR is a peer-support organisation which helps and supports both women and children who were affected/experienced/survived domestic assault. A truly heart-touching organisation that aims to restart and rebuild the affected people’s lives in the community. 

As SOAR is led by qualified mentors and trainers who too, have experienced and survived domestic abuse, this in itself allows those affected to feel a more profound sense of connection and understanding as they are under the care of people who have also dealt with the same experience. 

Meridianbet also joined forces with The UN Global Compact initiative. The UN Global Compact initiative is a platform which allows volunteers to take part in and help develop, disclose and implement responsible business practices. 

As a business themselves, Meridianbet understands the importance of taking part in responsible and ethical business practices which will not only benefit them but also the communities in which they operate and provide their services to. As part of The UN Global Compact, there are 10 principles that have been accepted globally in the areas of anti-corruption, human rights, labour and environment. These principles call for businesses to ensure that their own practises, strategies and operations align with the principles for optimal performance.

Collaborating with The UN Global Compact allows both customers of Meridianbet and those who are not, to become informed on their serious efforts to ensure the fairness and ethical operations in the services of their business. 

Meridianbet also takes the rights of animals seriously too as they proudly donated a substantial number of dog food to dog sanctuary ‘Noah’s Ark Food Donation’. Through this initiative, Meridianbet allows the sanctuary to continue feeding and taking care of the dogs that are currently living in the shelter. Sanctuaries can sometimes find it challenging in being able to continue operations as they rely heavily on donations, but Noah’s Ark had some of the workload eased thanks to Meridianbet’s extremely generous offer. Meridianbet donated a mixture of both wet and dry food to ensure that the dogs were fed a range of foods that provided them with the adequate balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and performance. 

The online gaming company also decided to roll up their sleeves and donate blood. With blood donations and transfusions on the rise and in high demand, the employees of Meridianbet took it in their stride to lead by example and aim to not only help by providing the much-needed blood but also be a positive role model and influence for the community to also follow suit and donate. 

As Malta has a population of just over 500,000, it is of the utmost importance that the community donates where it can as demand is high. With a smaller population in comparison to other countries, it can be more challenging for hospitals and health clinics in Malta to have enough blood available for patients who urgently need transfusions. 

It comes as no surprise that Meridianbet has loyal customers from all around the globe. They can thank their high-quality games, professional service and constant hot offers - but most importantly, their responsible and ethical business operations that are all extensively recognised by the public for their global success. 

Players who play on Meridianbet services will be pleased to know that they are in the hands of a business that not only strives to provide entertaining games and positive experiences but also who are active members of society who too, encourage society to take part and help out when they can.