iGaming development in Malta is the best investment

Malta offers more than just its beaches, rich history and landmarks for people to enjoy 

What is Malta famous for? An average person would name the country’s beautiful landmarks or rich history. But if you happen to be a gambler or investor, you must know that gambling in Malta is a big deal. That’s also what makes this wonderful Mediterranean archipelago a great place for businesses willing to invest in Malta iGaming.

If this sounds interesting, read on to learn about how to launch one of the world-famous iGaming companies in Malta. Let’s dive in!

Malta's regulatory advantage

Malta offers a variety of licensing options that cater to the diverse needs of iGaming operators. There, you are free to provide these services:

-        Online casino

-        Sportsbook

-        Poker room

-        Lotteries

-        Other types of gambling

In each case, the country will always provide a suitable license that is fully credible both locally and internationally. In addition, Malta's tax structure is highly favourable for iGaming companies. With competitive corporate tax rates and incentives for foreign investors, businesses can enjoy significant cost savings. Malta also offers double taxation treaties with numerous countries, reducing the tax burden on international operations.

Malta also has a robust and thriving network of legal and financial professionals who possess specialised knowledge in the intricacies of iGaming regulations. According to toppcasinonorge.com, this profound expertise serves to expedite the licensing procedures and guarantees that enterprises maintain impeccable adherence to all statutory obligations.

Furthermore, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) upholds an agile and benevolent stance, extending unwavering support to businesses and simplifying their journey through the intricate labyrinth of regulatory mandates. That’s how the local regulatory framework earned a reputation for being:

-        Fully transparent

-        Fair to all parties involved

-        Completely accountable

And don’t forget that Malta is a member of the European Union (EU), which means it can give you access to the EU's vast market of over 500 million potential customers.

Attracting investors

Investors seek stability and a proven track record when considering where to allocate their capital. They can find it all in this growth-oriented country.

1.  Access to a skilled workforce

Malta proudly showcases a remarkably erudite and linguistically versatile workforce, deeply entrenched in the subtleties of the iGaming sector. The nation's educational framework nurtures a pool of adept individuals well-versed in the diverse facets of the industry, encompassing game development, customer support, as well as legal and financial acumen. This ready availability of proficient talent not only mitigates the hurdles in recruitment but also yields considerable reductions in operational expenditures, a boon for discerning investors.

2.  Strategic location

Strategically positioned in the Mediterranean, Malta serves as a bridge between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This geographical advantage facilitates market access to these regions and beyond.

3.   Funding and financial incentives

Malta offers various financial incentives to attract investors, including grants, tax credits, and assistance in obtaining financing. The government and private sector organizations are actively involved in funding startups and innovation initiatives within the iGaming sector.

4.   Networking opportunities

From a business perspective, Malta stands as a thriving epicentre for the unification of the iGaming community, graciously hosting an array of distinguished conferences. These gatherings present investors with an unparalleled prospect, letting them forge invaluable connections with potential allies.

5.    Strong infrastructure

The country has a powerful business infrastructure.  That includes:

-        State-of-the-art data centres

-        Reliable telecommunications

-        Cutting-edge technology facilities

All those elements successfully support the technical requirements of international investors.

6.   Supportive ecosystem

Investors benefit from an established ecosystem of service providers (legal firms, financial institutions, marketing agencies and/or technology providers) that specialise in the iGaming sector.

7.   Diverse investment opportunities

Malta's iGaming ecosystem offers a wide range of investment opportunities beyond traditional casino operations. Investors can explore areas such as esports, online casinos, blockchain-based gaming, virtual reality and more, ensuring that there's a niche for every investor's interests and expertise.

The gaming industry Malta: Country’s IT ecosystem

Malta boasts a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. The country's high-speed internet connectivity, reliable data centres, and secure hosting facilities ensure uninterrupted service for online gaming platforms. The nation's educational machinery consistently yields a flow of IT virtuosos, proficient in a diverse spectrum of disciplines, encompassing the realms of software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and beyond. These gifted individuals, in their unwavering commitment, serve as the bedrock of innovation, ardently contributing to the evolution and refinement of pioneering gaming products and state-of-the-art technologies.

Malta encourages research and development within the IT sector, fostering innovation and competitiveness. Public and private sector initiatives support startups and tech companies in creating innovative solutions for the iGaming industry. This commitment to R&D ensures that Malta remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the sector.


This post focused on reasons to invest in Malta’s gambling industry, but now it’s your turn to step up. Do you have any counterarguments? Share your thoughts in the comment section – we’d like to see what you think about this thought-provoking topic.