‘Master of Filigree’ Kevin Attard in Seaside Gallery’s Uniquely Abstract exhibition

Seaside Gallery’s latest exhibition features the works of Kevin Attard also known as the 'Master of Filigree'

Seaside Gallery’s latest exhibition is Uniquely Abstract, which brings three artists Kevin Attard, also known as the ‘Master of Filigree’, Jeannine Cini and Rosanna Ciliberti. 

“As a gallery, we wanted to present a different kind of exhibition because we strive to keep being creative in what we bring forth to the general public. Our mission is always to showcase diverse art by different artists,” Ciliberti said.   

Attard specialises in the art of filigree, an ancient type of artisan work. One might note that filigree in itself is very intrinsic and beautiful both in the way it is worked and how Kevin presents it. He has pushed boundaries and works with filigree in a very modern and artistic fashion; the days of filigree are represented by the eight-pointed cross are gone. It has now evolved into statement jewellery as well as wall art. 

Attard’s works are accompanied by diverse pieces of abstract art. Abstract art, as opposed to representative art, is diverse in its very nature. Whilst through representative art, the viewer is guided by the image that is in front of him, abstract art is not.

Cini’s abstract art is based on her personal emotional journey. She is inspired by the beauty of nature that she encounters in her travel adventures, and displays such with ease of flowing and vibrant colours. This is the first time Cini has exhibited in a gallery.

Ciliberti’s work is also based on her lifelong emotional journey. Her works in this exhibition are mainly colour-focused, and some works break the rules of the mediums that she uses.

“Abstract art remains for some the type of art that is widely criticised for its ‘childish’ endeavour. But if one had to take a look at Jackson Pollock’s or Kooning’s art, one would conclude that it certainly is not the case. At times, abstract art remains that type of art that touches the soul, both of the artist and viewer, which comes to be appreciated after the work is executed,” the curators said.

The exhibition is curated by Rosanna Ciliberti and Sarah Vassallo Ciliberti.

Those interested can view the unique works at Art by the Seaside Gallery, 65 Triq il-Mina Tax-Xatt Isla. Starting on the 22nd April from 7am 10pm and ends on the 6th May.

Kindly visit Seaside Gallery’s Facebook page ‘Art by the Seaside’ or their Instagram account ‘artbythesease 57’ for further info about the opening times.