My essentials: Adrian Buckle’s cultural picks

No 9 | Adrian Buckle, 50, Unifaun director, Drama Teacher

Adrian Buckle
Adrian Buckle

1. Book

A book I read every year is The Brothers Lionheart. It is actually a children’s story, but it deals with adult themes. It is beautifully written and certain chapters drove me close to tears.

2. TV/Film

At the moment I am watching The Wheel of Time. It is an adaptation of a series of books by Robert Jordan. The series is very well written and devised and the closest thing you’ll ever find next to Tolkien.

3. Internet 

My favourite person on the internet is my own daughter Ann-Marie Buckle. Let me explain.  She is an autistic girl and has been diagnosed with autism since the age of two.  But instead of allowing this to become a handicap she takes to facebook, twitter and instagram to celebrate her autism and to fight for the rights of people on the spectrum.  She has become quite the activist despite her condition and the fact that she is still twenty-three.  The blog she writes are insightful and intelligent.

4. Music

Peter Gabriel. I think his music is unique and ahead of its time.

5. Place

My favourite holiday destination is Edinburgh, mainly for the festival. I can never go there enough. Also, Scotland is a country of unique beauty so to combine theatre and foreign travel is a unique experience. Plus, I get to go to my favourite restaurant, The Tasty Noodle.