My essentials: Julie James’s cultural picks

No 10 | Singer and entertainer

1. Book

I enjoy reading James Patterson. Short, sharp, concise chapters. Keeps the pace going nicely. I also like Jeffrey Archer and Dean Koontz. I need a book to grab me from the first page and then I can go with it.

2. Film/TV

I’m currently watching Dexter: New Blood. I watched all of the original Dexter series and loved it. I’ve also watched The Blacklist and The Handmaid’s Tale. All these series have a great cast of actors. Get the casting right and with a strong story I can sit back and enjoy. I also love a good British drama.

3. Internet 

While I don’t follow personalities – I do follow podcasts; like the ones on BBC Sounds. I love a good drama, and some comedy. I often listen to the classic comedies like “Round the Horn”. These have stood the test of time and I can repeat them and never tire of them.

4. Music

I can always listen to Bryan Adams, Mick Hucknall and Simply Red, Harry Connick Jr. Great voices, they are incredibly relaxing to listen to. Also love Andy Williams, Mel Torme for the same reason.

5. Place

I really don’t have any preferences on destinations. Can’t even think of travelling too far at the moment. That said, I must say I enjoy cruising very much, so the destination is secondary to the actual cruising experience. However, I definitely wouldn’t say no to a cruise visiting Iceland. Also, having enjoyed the midnight sun whilst in Norway, I quite fancy seeing the Northern Lights one day. I hear they are quite spectacular.