My essentials: Sean Borg’s cultural picks

No 47 | Sean Borg, 32 years old, Freelance Artist and Marketing Professional

1. Book

I recently (finally) read The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m a massive fan of the series and finally got around to reading the book! I’m looking forward to reading Testaments too but I think I’ll wait for the series to wrap before I do! Isn’t it crazy that the book is inspired by real life events that have happened throughout human history? So thought provoking and gripping.

2. TV/Film

I recently watched the Matrix trilogy again. I was a massive fan of the franchise back in the 90s and early millennium. Though at face value this is an action film, it’s actually very philosophical and makes one think about life and the things that we are ‘slaves’ to. I think one of my favourite scenes is probably Agent Smith’s monologue in the first film when he interrogates Morpheus.

3. Internet

I follow Henry Galea quite a bit on Instagram. I love anything art-related and I think his looks and make-up skills are just so impressive. Never had the pleasure of meeting him but he seems very nice and personable! I also have a great deal of respect for the opportunities he’s created for himself. Hats off to him!

4. Music

Right now I have Beyonce’s Renaissance on repeat! I go through phases with music but I would say I’m open to most genres and styles. I think it’s such a great album and best listened to not on shuffle, with one song bleeding so seamlessly into the other! The tracks are great standalones too... I mean: Beyonce’s voice... come on! Is she even human?

5. Place

When I turned 30 I booked myself a holiday to Bali which was one of the best experiences ever! I actually went on the trip alone for three weeks – had very little knowledge about the place. Bought a Lonely Planet book which I read on the plane and mapped out my holiday just like that, day by day. The place is just stunning. Definitely my favourite holiday to date.