My essentials: Joseph DePasquale’s cultural picks

No 49 | Joseph DePasquale, 47 years old, Actor

Joe Depasquale
Joe Depasquale

1. Book

Years ago, I read ‘IT’ by Stephen King and I remember finding it too heavy and generally quite unappealing. A few weeks ago, I found my old, battered copy and thought “why not?” and re-read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it; I guess that with the passing years I learnt to appreciate the build-up to a chapter as much as I appreciated the action. Currently reading ‘The Institute’, also by Mr King, and would recommend both.


I am a huge Trekkie and have just finished watching ‘Picard’ which I found embraced the true spirit of Star Trek. Started watching ‘The Orville’ which I also highly recommend. It deals with a lot of current issues in a hilarious way which I find fascinating and of course it has Seth MacFarlane in it and I am a big fan of the guy.

3. Internet 

I am a geek and pretty much use the Internet for Netflix and to play online games, not that I’m particularly good at them but I find them useful to unwind at the end of a day, something to just mentally switch off and relax. I also have random questions that pop up in my head, usually in the middle of the night, like “when did Dodos become extinct?” and I use the ‘net to satisfy that itch.

4. Music

If you saw my own personal playlist, you would be very confused. I do not have a particular favourite singer or genre of music. If I like a song it goes on my playlist and it could be from any genre, from opera to death metal, to Eminem to Katy Perry and I will literally never get tired of hearing the same music over and over again

5. Place

I could attempt to appear to have an exciting life and say something like climbing the alps or scuba diving in the Caribbean but that would be a huge lie. Truth be told I think I’m quite a boring person and my favourite place would be my bed and aside from the random questions that I mentioned earlier, I do love my sleep time though I don’t think I get enough of it.