My essentials: Andrè Mangion’s cultural picks

No 63 | Andrè Mangion, 31, Actor, and programme executive at Spazju Kreattiv

1. Book

I normally would be reading multiple books and I take long to finish them. At the moment I have three books on my bedside table which I am ‘reading’: “Aristotle’s Poetics for Screenwriters” – quite interesting as it draws examples of how the principles of the Poetics feature in some of the best films we’ve watched.  “An Atlas of Tolkien”: I find Tolkien’s world fascinating. “Nikteb il-Malti Tajjeb, Manwal Prattiku Tal-Ortografija”: I’m halfway through a Maltese proofreading course.

2. Film

My partner and I are avid cinema goers. It’s really hard to pick up a favourite film although if I have to really choose and all-time favourite, probably I’d say ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. Recently we watched ‘The Swimmers’ and whilst perhaps the story seems romanticised it was an enjoyable one. I loved the concept of the German TV series ‘Dark’ so recently I sat down and watched 1899 by the same creators.

3. Internet 

I don’t consider myself much of a social media person and internet user. I do enjoy these short, fast-paced, cooking videos. Makes cooking look so easy and the food always looks mouth-watering. Yes, I am a foodie. I enjoy a good meal in great company. Two websites I have been using lately are and Ġabra, an open lexicon for Maltese. Super-useful.

4. Music

Lately I have been following Italian singer-songwriter Simone Cristicchi. Some of my last work for theatre was heavily inspired by his work. However, my all-time favourites are the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish and the brains behind the band, Toumas Holopainen. The music he creates is very story like and I have found inspiration from their music so often. I also consider Ghost Love Score, from their album ‘Once’, as the best song ever written.

5. Place

Viñales in Cuba. Can’t really describe the feeling, but it felt different and it felt right. I also enjoy shorter trips to European cities, especially to London, where the theatre and musical scene is always inviting along with shopping prospects. What I’d love to do one day is set on a culinary experience in France and Italy. That’s one on the bucket list.