My essentials: Faye Paris’s cultural picks

No 79 | Faye Paris, 45, Graphic Designer & Actor

Photo: Darrin Zammit-Lupi
Photo: Darrin Zammit-Lupi

1. Book

My favourite genres for books are usually fiction mystery thrillers. My reading fluctuates but I’ve always tried to find the time for it. A recent favourite is ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens. I find the story beautifully profound and quite haunting. I’m always drawn to stories about female characters, and this, combined with the exquisite description of the marshes and the natural world around her just kept me hooked. The New York Times describes it quite aptly by calling it a “painfully beautiful” read.

2. Film

It isn’t recent but my all-time favourite movie, which I fall back on if I just need general cheering up is Jean-Pierre Jeanuet’s ‘Le Fabuleaux Destine d’Amélie Poulain’ (Yes! French! With subtitles!). It is a delicious film named after its heroine, played by the amazing Audrey Tautou. It starts with tragedy and black humour and takes you on a journey through the imagination of quirky, isolated characters, in true Jeunet style. The film’s soundtrack, by the inimitable Yan Tiersen, is just nostalgic and delightful.    

3. Internet/TV 

I get my daily news fix from podcasts. I usually listen while I run or walk the dog. I love short documentaries, true crime or anything really, if narrated well. My recent favourites are The Coming Storm, BBC 4, The Dropout, ABC News, I am not a Monster, BBC Podcasts. I also listen to podcasts about design, freelance businesses, nutrition, wellness, dogs, feminism, running and lots and lots of comedy.

4. Music

My Spotify has been hijacked by my son, Charlie, whose taste in music is slightly different to mine. So my daily mixes are a jumble of current pop (him) with my all-time favourites like Florence and the Machine, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Supergrass, Mumford & Sons. Anything you can sing loudly to in the car (with the windows sealed shut). I had a good start in my teens as I used to listen to everything grunge and alternative, which I still love.

5. Place

My favourite place is sitting with my husband Alan, with a glass of good red wine in one hand, delicious food in the other, with Charlie on my left, Evie (my daughter) on my right and Ollie, our mixed-Lab-tal-kaċċa somewhere in between (usually dropping the wine and stealing the food). Ideally somewhere that’s leafy, green and spacious with sun, fresh air and a clear blue horizon. Bliss!