My essentials: Warren Bartolo’s cultural picks

No 78 |  Warren Bartolo, 24, writer, translator, researcher

1. Book

It’s very difficult to pick because I’m always reading multiple things. Right now I’m about to finish Weight of the Earth: The Tape Journals of David Wojnarowicz. He’s one of my favourite artists; he recorded himself speaking about multiple subjects in the 1980s. He reflects upon the art scene, nightlife scene, and feels sad because he feels rejected by his boyfriend. After this, I will read Terminal Boredom: Stories, by Izumi Suzuki, which my friend lent me, and Hit Paradise of Tears: Stories by the same writer.

2. Film

Jennifer’s Body directed by Karyn Kusama. I watched it last year with my friend. Usually I enjoy watching girlhood/highschool films for some reason. In it, Megan Fox is a demonic succubus who must feed on people’s flesh and blood. There’s also a scene where she levitates and hovers on a pool which I found super slay. She also has her nails painted pink except the middle one, which is painted black. The next morning my friend painted my nails like hers.

3. Internet/TV

I’m very into the Real Housewives franchise. So, I’m usually looking at what Lisa Rinna or Kyle Richards are up to. But I’m usually just watching interviews, readings, or online lectures too. I’ve also just finished watching two episodes of The Idol, and I was like waw Lily-Rose Depp looks so good. My friends also send me tiktoks but I never watch them and pretend I did.

4. Music

I recently went to a SZA concert which was cute. Mostly I’m listening to Eartheater, Shygirl, Bjork, Slayyyter, but to be honest I’m not a very musical person – I can never remember lyrics, and even if I listen to the same song repeatedly for a long time, I probably won’t recognise it the next month. I like to sit in silence.

5. Place

When I used to live in the 12th arrondissement, I’d always go for a stroll at Bois de Vincennes, sometimes even very late at night. But now I enjoy going to Buttes Chaumont, it’s a huge park in the East side of Paris. Everyone is sunbathing on the grass, drinking 1664 beer and pouring water on their heads. But I’m usually in the shady patch getting annoyed at insects and feeling a bit nauseous. Next month I’ll go to Athens which I’m very excited about.