My essentials: Craig Abela’s cultural picks

No 80 | Craig Abela, 33, Draughtsperson

1. Book

I recently started re-reading one of my favourite book series, “Artemis Fowl”. I prefer reading fantasy novels that provide an escape from our own world.  Two things I learned from this book are that sometimes friendships are made in the strangest ways, and that you cannot run away from your past, it will catch up to you.

2. Film

Two films which have recently left a mark are 1917 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for the way they were shot. 1917 was produced to give the impression it was filmed in one whole take, whilst Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was filmed in the same 1960’s style in keeping with the period of the movie. I highly recommend both.

3. TV/Internet 

I thoroughly enjoy watching movies, series and documentaries online, including a game or two on my playstation, so I really cannot do without the internet and TV.

4. Music

I listen to various types of music, but my favourite is rock/metal. I am currently listening to the band Sleep Token. I started listening to them from their inception back in 2016.  This year they released their third album, where they cleverly released the last track using the same lyrics of the first track of the first album, where we realize it’s a trilogy of sorts. One concept for three albums and a full circle moment.

5. Place

The number one place on my bucket list is New Zealand.  I would love to visit the film locations of The Lord of the Rings, most especially Hobbiton. Also, the scenery of the country is amazing. Two places I visited and would love to return to are Iceland and Switzerland. My favourite time to visit is in December, as they are truly a winter wonderland; beautiful.