My essentials: Fabio Borg’s cultural picks

106 | Fabio Borg, 49 years of age and besides from being an artist, I work as an assistant head of school, in one of the catholic schools in Malta

1. Book

I love reading. If I had to pick one, it is very difficult, however one particular book that I read lately was The Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert . It is a book about creativity, and she offers potent insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. She asks us to embrace our curiosity and let go of needless suffering. This book helped me more in understanding what lies within the whole process of creating.

2. Film

I rarely watch films or series. I prefer watching Italian talk shows such as Diritto e Rovescia, conducted by the Italian journalist Paolo Del Debbio. Porta a Porta of Bruno Vespa and others. Obviously then I watch football matches, especially when there is Roma playing.

3. Interent/TV

The internet is a very important tool for me as an artist, especially the social media. It helps me to keep connected with various people and updated of all that is happening in the artistic world.

4. Music

I listen to music all the time, being whilst driving or painting. I listen mostly to jazz music such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Andrew Rathbun and Paul Desmond. I find jazz very inspiring, especially when I am painting.

5. Place

This is pretty obvious for all those who know me. Given my Italian origins, I love Italy, especially Rome. It became my second home and I visit very often. I have a lot of friends and even now I am also being represented by a Gallery there too. Constantly, I am participating in various exhibitions there. Rome is definitely the city where eventually I will end up living, together with my family, because I find it very inspiring.