My essentials: Lisa Gauci’s cultural picks

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Photo: Mark Solar
Photo: Mark Solar

1. Book

A book that I’ve read that struck me was It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. It is a book that speaks about the difficulties of a person found in an abusive relationship, and it is a beautiful story which teaches many lessons about love and hate. I truly recommend this book. I had found out about it from TikTok, where a video gave a brief description of the story, and I was intrigued. One thing that I learnt from this book is that when it comes to love, you always must listen to your heart and do what makes you happy.

2. Film

A film that I’ve watched was Dirty Dancing; a classic movie that I had been wanting to watch for a while. It’s quite a unique film that shows how one can discover a talent that they had hiding inside them and let it become a part of their life if they work hard enough. I recommend this film.

3. TV/Internet 

Nowadays on the internet as well as on TV, we get to see many different things from all around the world but one article that caught my attention lately on social media was about climate change and how the world is still not realising how little time we have left before it is too late to return to a safer space. Ever since I was little, I used to enjoy watching National Geographic, and now it pains me to see those animals that I used to watch suffer, all because of us.

4. Music

When it comes to choosing my favourite artist or song, I always have trouble. Many artists inspire me - Billie Eilish and Freddie Mercury are just but two. Currently, if you asked me which is my favourite song, I’d probably choose Space Song by Beach House. I love the unique sounds and melody of the songs and although some might find the lyrics a bit vague, I find them calming and relatable. I found out about this song a while ago and I still listen to it, mainly when I’m going through a bit of a rough time.

5. Place

I’m a person who loves nature and travelling, although I haven’t gotten to visit many places around the globe yet, it is my dream to travel the entire world. One of the places where I want to visit is Japan. I think Japan is beautiful, although I never got to learn much about the country and its history. There are many landmarks that I would want to visit, mainly the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and Osaka Castle in Osaka. I think that Japanese architecture is gorgeous, and I want to see and experience the culture one day.