Malta to host Russell Crowe's Indoor Garden Party on the eve of Mediterrane Film Festival

In an exciting lead-up to the Mediterrane Film Festival, Malta will welcome global icon Russell Crowe and his Indoor Garden Party on June 17

Photo credit: Tennyson Crowe
Photo credit: Tennyson Crowe

In an exciting lead-up to the Mediterrane Film Festival, Malta will welcome global icon Russell Crowe and his Indoor Garden Party on June 17.

“This star-studded event, featuring both international and local artists, highlights the strong connections between Malta and the global film industry,” the Film Commission announced on Thursday.

The Mediterrane Film Festival, scheduled from June 25 to 30, is set to bring together filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts from nine Mediterranean countries. It aims to celebrate the diverse stories, talents, and cultures of the region while providing a platform for collaboration and growth. 

“Russell Crowe's concert, organised by Malta Globe Music, serves as a remarkable opportunity to highlight Malta's position as a cultural hub in the Mediterranean,” the statement read.

Film Commissioner Johann Grech expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming indoor garden party concert, stating that it is an honour to have Russell Crowe's party taking place on the eve of the first-ever Mediterrane Film Festival.

“We are delighted that many international artists are visiting Malta, showcasing the strong connections between our island and the global film industry," Grech said.

Russell Crowe's Indoor Garden Party concert will feature his band, The Gentlemen Barbers, who will be joined by esteemed guests Janet Devlin and Lorraine O'Reilly. 

Additionally, local artists Ivan Grech, Ira Losco, and Beth will contribute their talents to make this an unforgettable evening of music, storytelling, and celebration.

The Mediterrane Film Festival aims to foster collaboration, growth, and opportunity for filmmakers while promoting Malta's rich cultural heritage and its emerging role as a world-class film hub.

As the first edition of the festival, it seeks to provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from the Mediterranean region to showcase their work and connect with industry professionals.

With its breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant cultural scene, Malta has become a sought-after location for filmmakers around the world. 

The island has attracted major film productions, including blockbuster hits like "Gladiator" and "Troy." 

In fact, MaltaToday has learnt that a Gladiator sequel, starring Paul Mescal and possibly Denzel Washington, will be shot in Malta later this summer.

Some 300 workers were already engaged in set production.

Spotted in Mdina and For St Manoel, Director Ridley Scott was also spotted in Malta for a brief visit, scouting locations for the sequel of his blockbuster movie.