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Get some great tips for landscape photography in the June issue of Vida
Get some great tips for landscape photography in the June issue of Vida

Summer is well on its way and this is most evident by the adverts promising a quick fix to a bikini body. Spa treatments, short-term gym packages or fad diets, everyone seems to be capitalising on insecurities at this time of year. The reality, however, is that keeping fit is a year-long process and these quick-fixes do not really work.

However the summer season does bring with it its own health issues and keeping in good shape in the summer should be about more than just looking good at the beach. Charmaine Gauci, Director of Health Promotion talks about the importance of keeping hydrated through the hot summer months while Jovan Reljic discusses the issues of mixing alcohol and exercise. Though abstinence is the best way forward when pursuing a tough exercise regimen, the summer brings with it more and more opportunities to meet up with friends over a few drinks. His article gives a little bit of insight into keeping a good balance.

The summer months put an end to the strawberry season, but before this happens make the most out of the remaining strawberries with some great, refreshing recipes. Make the most of the colours of spring with some gardening tips by Vinny Vella from Piscopo Gardens.

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