[WATCH] Coronavirus: Eurovision Song Contest 2020 cancelled

Eurovision director says it's impossible to host the popular song contest with Covid-19 directives in place across all of Europe

Destiny Chukunyere
Destiny Chukunyere

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam has been cancelled due to coronavirus directives across Europe.

"It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam," Jon Old Sand said.

Sand, the European Broadcasting Union's Executive Supervisor for the ESC, announced the cancellation on Wednesday, and said that the health measures and the Covid-19 directives across Europe "made it impossible to host the live event as planned."

The song contest has been going on for 64 years. Talks are being held, Sand said, to see whether it is possible to postpone the song contest in Rotterdam to 2021.

This means Destiny Chukunyere would not be competing with 'All of my Love', at least this year, after she clinched the win on X Factor Malta's second season.

Chukunyere has previously won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and placed 6th in series 11 of Britain's Got Talent.