Ready of Europe | Dolls for Idols

Local band Dolls for Idols will be representing Malta in this year’s edition of Europavox – a European Union-supported festival of alternative music held at Auvergne, France between May 25 and 27. We speak to the post-punk trio’s vocalist and guitarist Clint Spiteri ahead of the festival.

Dolls for Idols are (left to right): Aaron Sammut (drums), Erick Saliba (bass) and Clint Spiteri (guitar, vocals).
Dolls for Idols are (left to right): Aaron Sammut (drums), Erick Saliba (bass) and Clint Spiteri (guitar, vocals).

How do you feel about being chosen for Europavox?

It's an honour for us being chosen to play at Europavox. We're all excited and hyped up since it's going to be the biggest show we've played so far, with big names like The Hives, The Kills, Benga and many others on the festival line up.

How did you get chosen among the crop of local bands?

We have to thank Stagedive Malta, who are partners with Europavox. The way it works is that every year, they pass on a list of suggested bands from Malta, and this year, they chose us.

Are you looking forward to networking with other acts?

Who knows? If they are willing of course we'll be up for it, though it all depends on the relationship you build in that little short time. I know for a fact that Aaron (our drummer), is really looking forward to seeing The Kills - he's always been a big fan, and loves their edgy sound.

How do you feel about representing Malta? Would you say Europavox could be an 'alternative route' to the Eurovision?

Eurapovox isn't about fancy dressing, tons of make up and playback. It's about writing and performing your own music. No, it's not an alternative route - there's just no comparison.  

What's in store for the future of the band?

We hope it's a bright one. We're having a successful year so far. Our plan is to simply keep making music. I believe opportunities will come up along the way.

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