Rock gets intimate | Red Elecktrick

Having enjoyed steady radio play over the past few years, indie rock band Red Electrick have just released an acoustic concert film. We speak to guitarist Peter Borg about what we can expect from ‘The Unplugged Sessions’.

From left: Pete (guitars), Raphael (drums), Jonas (guitars), Ivan (bass and vocals). Centre: Matt (vocals, keys).
From left: Pete (guitars), Raphael (drums), Jonas (guitars), Ivan (bass and vocals). Centre: Matt (vocals, keys).

What inspires you to play music?

The sound of Red Electrick will always be the combination of the 70s guitar licks, the 80s pop vocal melodies together with a hint of ska and reggae bass grooves. It's inevitable that when we write tunes such contrasting styles will be present. You could say that they give us our own sound.

Maybe the key to writing great tracks is to not over-think things and just play what feels right at that moment in time.

When an artist is honest and true to himself and doesn't try to mimic someone else he can never go wrong. Being in a band where each member is so different - both artistically and character-wise - has its pros and cons. Sometimes it can be very tricky to get all the elements together as a unit.

We all have our own influences and styles of writing. We are all quite hard-headed and persistent, but when it does work it seems to work really well.

What distinguishes you from other local bands?

Every band is different. The responsibility of each band member is to look inwards (not outwards) and try out music which feels right to them. All true artists don't try to become someone else, they just are true to themselves. When adopting this formula, you can never go wrong.

What do you think of the local musical scene?

The local scene is amazing. It's great to see new and upcoming bands push their music to the next level and these bands today seem to pop out of nowhere ranging all the way from punk to pop to electro music.

What are some of your main influences?

We try to inspire each other. It's obvious that other bands influence us in our song writing. Maybe the key is to try and reinvent these ideas into your own by giving them your own personal touch.

How would you describe the Unplugged Sessions, and how do you think your fans will react to it?

The idea came to us when we saw the DVD of The Eagles performing their Hell Freezes Over reunion tour. They gave their tunes an acoustic feel and seemed to reinvent themselves by doing so. In the acoustic project we wanted to have an intimate setting.

With our previous footage we captured the feel our electric performances where the energy of the crowd is a huge factor. With this project we eliminated the audience and focused more on the dynamics between us as musicians, both on and off the stage.

We worked with Jean Pierre Gatt, who its one of Malta's top film directors.

He's a really easygoing guy, though he also has a keen eye for detail... I suppose you could classify him as a pure perfectionist.

We seem to have a great working relationship with him and I hope that this collaboration will not end here. We hope our fans will like it - we are definitely happy with the final product!

Red Electrick - The Unplugged Sessions is currently showing at Eden Cinemas, St Julian's.