Collaborative song becomes brand anthem

On Wednesday, GO unveiled their collaboration with three local musicians – the 3Artists project – who banded together to come up with the single Our Time.

From left: Nick Morales, Errol Sammut, Gianni Zammit, Niki Gravino and Yiannos Michaelides.
From left: Nick Morales, Errol Sammut, Gianni Zammit, Niki Gravino and Yiannos Michaelides.

Yiannos Michaelides, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) said that this project is not only an important building block of the mobile internet campaign but it is a continuation of GO's commitment to the community it operates in.

"As you all know GO has always been an intrinsic part of the Maltese community and we have consistently demonstrated this by supported local talent and projects.

The Malta Music Awards, Teatru Unplugged, and the Malta Council for the Arts are just a few that come to mind. We are a brand that wants to support people's aspirations and really believe in the potential of local artists," said Michaelides at the launch which took place at Grand Hotel Excelsior, Valletta.

A campaign that embraces the present

GO's CCO explained this particular campaign was built on a new methodology with a strategy based on various building blocks.

He deemed that the feedback has been positive: "People are speaking about our campaign. We are also feeling a direct effect from customers - with more and more people asking about the service and actual pick up of the service being on the up."

At the press conference, GO also announced a new phase of its campaign where the general public is being encouraged to become more involved by voting for their favourite amongst the four characters featured in GO's mobile internet advertising: Althea, Ariane, Phil and Paul. The two characters who get the most votes, will participate, together with other personalities, in a reality show on a cabin cruiser.

The 3Artists Project

Focusing on the 3Artists project, Michaelides explained that GO's idea was to create a great piece of music that would really align itself well with the message of the campaign.

"As opposed to going down the standard route of choosing a popular song and then incorporating this into our campaign, we wanted to challenge conventions and wanted to work with local artists to produce a strong song. We have teamed up with Nicky, Errol and Nick and I really believe that they have come up with something that far exceeds our common expectations."

Michaelides stressed that upon pitching the song to radio stations listeners' generated positive feedback, the track went down really well with the public out there.

During the press conference, GO also unveiled its new television commercial, which features the single - Our Time.

Roping in the grass root talent

During the same press conference, GO unveiled another initiative to challenge local talent. Inspired by our 'join the revolution' theme - they will be asking local musicians and bands to come up with their own theme songs.

The public will be urged to vote for their preferred songs, with radio stations and diverse media being roped in for this initiative. Further information on this will be given as the initiative develops.

Michaelides wrapped up by highlighting GO's commitment to the community it serves: "GO is not a conventional brand, it's a brand that is truly committed to enhancing the community it operates in. We see this as our responsibility - something that forms a fundamental part of our philosophy and corporate strategy."