The New Victorians release new single, 'Great Divide'

The sisters drew on a volunteering experience in Kenya as the inspiration for this song, which seeks to bridge real and social distance through music

Local band The New Victorians have released a new single, entitled ‘Great Divide’. This track, produced by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios, is part of their 13-track debut album ‘Seeker Seeker’, released last June with a concert launch at Earth Garden.

Inspired by Bettina’s voluntary trip to an orphanage in Kenya, the song is a compilation of stories of the kids’ turbulent backgrounds and current situations.

“So often we get caught up striving for professionalism that we lose sight of the very reason we set out to make music in the first place. We forget that essentially music is a tool and a language – one that can bring people together and inspire change. At it’s very basic, this is a song that highlights our humanity – that we are all intrinsically deserving of respect, love and dignity. It is definitely nostalgic but it’s also hopeful.

"It’s a song we’ve sung for comfort, when being separated from loved ones has felt too difficult, but it is also a song that challenges society and the imbalance observed in the world – this great divide between the western world and less privileged countries”, the sisters said.

“For this reason we wanted this music video to be completely homegrown - shot in studios at the University of Westminster with one camera and our limited video editing skills. We hoped that this song could move others to gratitude but also to generosity, that we may be a generation that cultivates kindness.”

The band thus got in contact with local charity D.O Cambodia (Drama Outreach Project, Cambodia), an NGO that uses drama, singing and dance to teach English in Cambodia, empowering poverty-stricken children to have a better future.

“We urge listeners to look into this great endeavor and help out in whatever way possible – donate, sponsor a child or even simply attend fundraisers. Let’s help these projects keep making a positive difference in children’s lives.”

The New Victorians released Keep Me In Love their first single from their debut album in May last year, followed by Seeker Seeker in October, both of which immediately became radio hits. Previous EP Dustpile and their unique Queen rendition of Somebody To Love still draw lots of online attention garnering the band a mention on top music website last January.

Following their successful performance as guests at the Malta Song for Europe in January, the band will be embarking on their very first School tour, hosting Creative Workshops at different schools around the island, whilst raising awareness about poverty by means of their latest single.

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