History Boys opens the theatre season at Manoel

Alan Bennett's much-loved comedy about adolescence and the finer points of teaching history kicks off the theatrical year

Masquerade Theatre Company will kick off its new season at the Manoel Theatre with The History Boys, Alan Bennet's international hit that explores the anarchy of adolescence and the purpose of education. The History Boys has received more than 30 major awards, including Tony and Olivier Awards for Best Play and will be performed for the first time in Malta on October 15, 16, and 17.

The performance features an unruly bunch of bright, funny sixth-form boys in pursuit of sex, sport and a place at University. A maverick English teacher, played by Jon Rosser, is constantly at odds with a young shrewd supply teacher played by Malcolm Galea. Both expand and parade their philosophies, and approach to teaching, in a battle of wit and words, which is at times both painfully funny and deeply moving. Put into the melting pot a Headmaster, played by Colin Willis, who is obsessed with results and a history teacher, played by Nanette Brimmer, who thinks he’s a fool, and you have a potent and explosive mix.

In Alan Bennett’s new play, staff-room rivalry and the anarchy of adolescence provoke insistent questions about history and how you teach it, and of course more generally, about education and its purpose.

The pupils are played by Andre George Agius, Luke Farrugia, Alexander Gatesy Lewis, Joseph Zammit, Francesco Catania, James M. Muscat, David Chircop and Paul Cuschieri. The production is directed by British director Andy Smith.

Booking opens from the Manoel Theatre on 17th September.  You can book by calling 21246389, email: [email protected] or online www.teatrumanoel.com.mt.  

Special promotion on tickets booked till September 25 – all top tickets at €15.00. For more information, visit http://www.masquerademalta.com.