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Malta SPCA says islands’ zoos cannot give good quality of life to wild animals
MSPCA questions quality of life that captive wildlife can have 'in a...
Urgent appeal for O positive blood donors
'The storm over the past days resulted in a lack of blood donations that...
It’s now illegal to down a pint on the streets of Gzira and Victoria
Drinking on the pavement can earn you a €70 fine
Heritage Malta: Valletta museums open for free during Notte Bianca
Cultural Diary
A selection of museums in Valletta will be open to the public, free of charge,...
[WATCH] Thunderstorm causes flight delays and traffic standstill
Thundery showers struck the Maltese islands again this morning, with warnings...
[WATCH] Maltese rower breaks world record in indoor rowing
Other Sports
20-year-old Juan Farrugia broke a new world record in rowing concept 2,500...
[WATCH] Mtahleb animal park fire: two leopards and monkeys amongst animals killed
Two leopards, three parrots, two lemurs, two monkeys and a squirrel monkey have...
Church commission: ‘access to affordable accommodation is a basic right’
The Justice and Peace Commission said it is concerned for the...