[WATCH] Egrant report exposes a lie but still leaves Maltese suffering breach of national trust
MaltaToday executive editor Matthew Vella and Labour government consultant...
[WATCH] Political commentators agree on the need for radical reforms
Acclaimed author Immanuel Mifsud says the state, government and the Labour...
[WATCH] 'Tragedy' could have been avoided if Muscat had fired Schembri and Mizzi – Mario de Marco
Silvio Schembri insists that justice will prevail and accuses Mario de Marco of...
Muscat must step down, but government should finish mandate, PN deputy leader says
PN deputy leader David Agius says Joseph Muscat cannot make the best...
[WATCH] Owen Bonnici and Karol Aquilina spar over corruption, Caruana Galizia murder
On Xtra, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici says political responsibility shall be...
[WATCH] Study on Malta's economic needs should guide planning policy revisions - Ian Borg
Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg says on Xtra he will be calling for research...
[WATCH] Malta has refused to plan ahead on migration, foundation head says
Ahmed Bugre points out the inconsistency of those who claim that Malta is full...
[WATCH] Government brought migrant crisis on itself, Beppe Fenech Adami says
Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami said that the Hal Far riots represented the...
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