[WATCH] Adrian Delia berates ‘the few’ in the PN who stifled open leadership contest
PN leader Adrian Delia is interviewed on TVM’s Xtra Sajf
[WATCH] Police Commissioner promises no hesitation in investigating people in power
On Xtra Sajf, Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa says the force will not hold back...
[WATCH] Bonnici confident schools will reopen as educators call for more consultation
On Xtra Sajf, stakeholders agree that schools should open but express concern...
[WATCH] PN lost its vision and its support with EU membership, Bernard Grech says
PN leadership hopeful Bernard Grech interviewed on TVM’s Xtra Sajf
Farmers should be helped to shift to organic agriculture, veteran activist says
Organic farming and vegetarianism on Xtra Sajf
Search on for skills to restore historic Naxxar windmill mechanism
Restoring an 18th century windmill to its former glory requires specialist...
[WATCH] Scientists still trying to understand why turtles are choosing busy beaches like Għadira to lay eggs
A turtle nest requires around 160 volunteers to monitor for the duration of its...
[WATCH] Comodini Cachia says PN needs to be credible, serious, and united to oppose Labour government
Therese Comodini Cachia says councillors should give members the choice to vote...
[WATCH] Karol Aquilina dismisses government’s new residency plan as IIP under a different name
Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat defends new scheme that is set to replace...
PN MPs clash over Adrian Delia’s future
The Nationalist Party’s internal conflict was on full show on TVM’s...
[WATCH] Minister says Enemalta will cooperate with any investigation on Montenegro scandal
Michael Farrugia says Mozura wind farm investment will not be terminated but...
[WATCH] Muscat’s reasons for early 2017 election can only be nefarious, Jason Azzopardi insists
PN MP Jason Azzopardi insists Muscat either knew Daphne Caruana Galizia would...
[WATCH] Lawrence Cutajar denies Melvin Theuma tip-off, surprised by government’s decision to terminate his consultancy
Former police chief Lawrence Cutajar, who has been placed under formal...
[WATCH] Workers least to benefit from COVID-19 recovery package, UĦM boss laments
UĦM CEO Josef Vella says on Xtra that only 6% of €900 million mini-budget...
[WATCH] Church needs new digital pastoral, Bishop Mario Grech says
Bishop Mario Grech says the Catholic Church needs to move with the culture of...
[WATCH] Edward Scicluna says Monday’s budget is a work in progress
Finance Minister refuses to say whether coronavirus state aid measures will be...
[WATCH] Tourism Minister hints at 15 June for reopening of Malta International Airport
Government is working on safety protocols with the health authorities for...
Inside MITA: How COVID-19 affected operations inside the Malta IT Agency
Business News
Ramon Mangion, Network Services Manager at MITA, on the challenges faced by the...
Hotels chief brands COVID-19 cautiousness as ‘Project Fear’
MHRA chief Tony Zahra pours scorn on the fear surrounding the COVID-19...
[WATCH] Zammit Lewis defends decision to withhold inquiry terms of reference
Justice Minister says publishing inquiry terms of reference could prejudge...