Jurgen Balzan was a MaltaToday reported from 2011 to 2017.

Robin Williams, down to earth and ‘highly intelligent’
Rita Galea, who worked as a publicity assistant on Popeye back in 1980, has...
Updated | Libyan central bank chief 'not in Malta'
Libyan Central Bank Governor Saddek El-Kaber runs the bank from Malta...
Fearne: Low risk of Ebola outbreak in Malta but all precautions being taken
Parliamentary secretary for health says risks of Ebola reaching Malta are...
Libyan health ministry issues Ebola risk warning
Although no cases of Ebola have been reported in libya, health ministry warns...
55 Maltese nationals to fly back from Libya, around 40 decide to stay
55 Maltese nationals take up offer to travel to Malta on flights paid by...
Paul Bugeja touted for MTA top job
Business News
MHRA president Paul Bugeja set to be appointed Malta Tourism Authority chief
Voices from Gaza
The Gaza flat in which former MaltaToday journalist Karl Schembri, lived while...
[WATCH] Gaza civilians ‘under fire wherever they go’ - Karl Schembri
Karl Schembri, the Middle East Regional Media Manager for 'Save the...
No permit for Swieqi temporary generator
A noisy generator supplying power to the machinery excavating a tunnel for the...
PN condemns death of innocents in Gaza
The opposition expresses solidarity with Palestinian ambassador three weeks...
Boycott on Israel only solution to Gaza hell
A military, political and trade embargo will drive Israel into isolation since...
Decision to back Israel’s UN bid taken by PN administration
Former foreign affairs minister Francis Zammit Dimech had sealed agreement to...
Thousands of foreigners evacuated from Misrata
Over 4,000 Turks evacuated overnight from Libyan port city of Misrata
Shifting sands in Malta’s foreign policy
Support for Israel’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council could have...
Libyan airline companies deny airspace to be closed
Buraq Airlines and Afriquiyah Airways post flight schedules for next three days...
Gaddafi’s son deployed in radio broadcast against Islamist threat
Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam employed as propaganda tool against Islamist...
Updated | 79 academics call on government to condemn Israeli ‘aggression’
79 University of Malta academics express solidarity with the people in Gaza
Updated | Minister says evacuation of Maltese from Libya ‘off the cards for now’
Foreign affairs minister says only 67 of 130 Maltese citizens had chosen to fly...
PM gives no assurances that abducted man in Libya is alive
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says there is no assurance Maltese man kidnapped...
Updated | Malta crisis committee in steps for possible mass evacuation from Libya
An area at the Ta’ Kandja police academy cleared out in relation to...