[WATCH] Delia accuses government of lacking a plan ‘in all sectors’
Opposition leader said the migration matter is just one in a long list of...
Spain to face hosts Russia as Croatia try to keep their momentum in match against Denmark
World Cup 2018
La furia roja hope to advance to the next round while hosts Russia plan to...
Microlight engine failure forces pilot to perform emergency landing
Emergency landing left one passengers slightly injured as the pilot looked...
[WATCH] Footage of shark in Maltese waters makes the rounds on social media
The footage was recorded by Elian Mallia who was jetsking off Filfla and...
4-year-old injured after one storey drop
The girl who resides in Gozo was certified of suffering from serious...
Abandoned Siggiewi quarry to be used as landfill for construction waste
The Environment ministry said the quarry would start accepting construction...
Malta’s search for its next Eurovision star starts today as X Factor auditions open
Pop-up tents around Malta will give interested applicants the chance to take...
[WATCH] Delia vows to support government decisions on migration
The Nationalist Party leader said that at such a delicate time the country need...

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