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Property prices in Malta register decrease during COVID-19 pandemic, study shows
Despite deflation in Malta’s property market, Gozo’s real estate...
Pjazza presenter says reserved parking spot recommended for police protection
One TV host Karl Stagno Navarra says police requested reserved spot after...
50-year-old left slightly injured after St Paul’s Bay stabbing
Court & Police
The aggressor escaped from the site of the incident, but was found by police...
[WATCH] Robert Abela refutes claims over knowledge on Macbridge ownership
Prime Minister Robert Abela insists country’s reputation taking turn to...
[WATCH] PN General Council: Party duty bound to stand up to government’s corrupt deals, Delia says
Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia says reform will help party in better...
One recovery and no new cases registered in the last 24 hours
Man left seriously injured after St Paul’s Bay argument
Court & Police
24-year-old stabbed after a fight broke out at his residence in St Paul’s...
Two new cases of COVID-19, five recover
Active cases stand at 29